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No Spend Challenge.. Can I not spend a penny for five days???

I have recently noticed that I have a problem. I LOVE TO SHOP. I also spend money that I do not need to spend because it is easier to buy coffee or food that some one else has to prepare.

I recently had purchased the Create 365 budget sticker book for my Happy Planner and kept noticing the "NO SPEND" stickers through out the book. It was like they were haunting me. Sending me a message from the planner world. I was inspired! 

If you don't have a Happy Planner you seriously need to get one! I would be lost

 I decided to challenge myself to do a full work week, Monday to Friday of not spending a single penny. I can do this right? I was a bit skeptical.

Ok so there had to be rules. So let's review them.

1. Automatic payments or bills do not count.
2. The debit card can not be swiped or chipped in anyway.
3. Emergencies do not count.
4. Not wanting to cook or wanting Starbucks is not an emergency!

Ok that last one is not going to be easy. Starbucks is my weakness. I don&…
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I Was Tested for Dry Eye... & It Was So Simple!!

Burning, itching red eyes. We have all seen the commercials for eye drops that offer relief from these symptoms. But have you ever wondered if these symptoms are stemming from actual Dry Eye Disease or Syndrome? 

I never really thought about it much until recently. I have noticed I rub my eyes a lot, and they are often irritated.  Is it because I have dry eye? I spend so much time looking at a monitor and phone, could that be what does it? I decided to quit playing the guessing game and find out! 

How to keep your eye safe from Makeup

Your eyes are precious!! Here are some tips for avoiding infection and abrasions from your makeup!

1. Keep it to yourself! Your mom always said you should share but in this case it is an absolute no no!! Sharing eye makeup means sharing bacteria and disease. No matter who it is!!

2. Keep it outside the line! Keeping your liner to the outside of the lash line prevents abrasions to the lids and eye. Applying to the waterline increases the chance that particles will migrate into the tear film over the cornea . This increases your chance of infection and irritation.

3. Keep sharp!
Keep your liner sharp so that the line is more precise. This will help lessen the chance to scratches to your eyes. Also make sure there are no wooden splinters left behind when you sharpen and that it sharpened evenly on all sides.

4. Keep it Fresh! Replacing all eye makeup every 3-4 months avoids bacterial infection. Also avoid products that have expired. A good rule of thumb with mascara is whe…

7-11 Eyeliner.... I tried it for a day!!

Eyeliner from a convenient store line? What? 

Did you know that your local 7-11 has its very own makeup line now?? That is right you can color coordinate that slurpee mouth with lips to match!

Kat Von D ... The Rock Star of Eyeliners!!

The best way to test a new eye liner or mascara is to wear it on a rainy day, in Florida's humidity on all the rides you possibly can at one of Disney's parks! I have posted these trials before and the results have been very short of pretty (think emo girl on a very grand level!)

Thankfully I know I can always depend on Kat Von D Tattoo Liner in the color Trooper to get me through the days I know are going to end in my looking like a hot mess!

I used this last weekend to do a rather dramatic, at least for me, eye and of course as soon as we got to the park the rain decided to set in and ten minutes in I was looking like a drowned rat and my make up was gone.... with the exception of overly done eyes.

I kept asking my boyfriend if my eyes were smeared because as hard as it was raining I expected it to be, after all we were pretty much standing in a big open outdoor shower. I would like to add we are one of those couples that believe that a little rain never hurt anyone and wil…

Peel off lipstain! Win for the product, EPIC FAIL for me!

So this started out being a blog review for the peel off lipstain we have all seen around the internet. I have used it before and loved it so I thought why not review it at Disney!!

Sooooo this is how it started, and how it ended with an amazing win for the stain and an epic fail for me.

It goes on so nicely and the color matches the tube too! You have to use a fairly thick layer for it to pull off and it takes a few minutes to dry but when you do.....
 A little gloss, a little liner and BAM!! I have to say they look pretty amazing!!

So here is where it started going down hill....  We were at the park and my boyfriend said babe, your lipstick is getting kinda splotchy..... So I look and I was horrified.... This is why...... A couple of years ago I noticed I was having chronic chapped lips. I mean constantly! I mentioned it to my Derm, who was also then my employer and she diagnosed it as actinic cheilitis. Pretty much precancerous cells that have the potential to turn into squamous. S…

Let's talk volume loss!

Let's talk volume loss!
 If you have started noticing you look tired around your eyes but you don't know why because you are getting plenty of sleep, staying well hydrated and eat what you should the answer is probably volume loss. We start noticing this, jowls forming, the corners of our mouth turning down and those lines between our noses and mouths getting deeper as we get older. This is because around 25 we start losing 1 tsp of fat and bone per year in our faces. Even worse it is usually in the mid face area first which means that what is in the lower face seems to hang heavier. 

  Volume Loss - Bone

How it ages you

I have been asked so many times about creams and serums. There is, however, no magical topical formulation for this. There is however Dermal filler. Dermal filler comes in a few different types but if you are just getting started I would suggest sticking with a Hyaluronic Acid filler that can be reversed should you decide you don't like it. 
The filler is inj…