Saturday, February 23, 2019

No Spend Challenge.. Can I not spend a penny for five days???

I have recently noticed that I have a problem. I LOVE TO SHOP. I also spend money that I do not need to spend because it is easier to buy coffee or food that some one else has to prepare.

I recently had purchased the Create 365 budget sticker book for my Happy Planner and kept noticing the "NO SPEND" stickers through out the book. It was like they were haunting me. Sending me a message from the planner world. I was inspired! 

If you don't have a Happy Planner you seriously need to get one! I would be lost

 I decided to challenge myself to do a full work week, Monday to Friday of not spending a single penny. I can do this right? I was a bit skeptical.

Ok so there had to be rules. So let's review them.

1. Automatic payments or bills do not count.
2. The debit card can not be swiped or chipped in anyway.
3. Emergencies do not count.
4. Not wanting to cook or wanting Starbucks is not an emergency!

Ok that last one is not going to be easy. Starbucks is my weakness. I don't know if I can make it through that one but I am sure going to try!

I didn't die! Woo hoo.

Ok so I had the great idea of making my own coffee at home and recently had picked up something that made my home attempt almost match Starbucks. (watch for a post about how I accomplished this!) I thought this would be my downfall but maybe not. Also, I do not go it till 11:30 am on Monday so breakfast was easy to do. Yay for eggs and cheese.

Usually on Monday morning Drew is working so I will leave early and shop....  I am so thankful that this is President's day and he is off so I will not be doing that or trying not to do that today. What a blessing.

Lunch is catered in at work on Monday, Wednesday and Friday so that will help with the spending freeze on those days. I just can't be picky about what they bring in, which I'm usually not. Ya girl likes to eat! (Thank you Pharma Reps)

I made it through today fairly easily and have succeeded at the first day of the no spend. I just keep telling myself I have got this.

Ok today wasn't so easy. I didn't think about breakfast until it was to late. UGHHH!!! I was already at the office. I did pack a lunch today though. Left over prime rib, broccoli, potatoes, grapes and boiled peanuts that Drew made yesterday. I decided to eat the grapes for breakfast and save the rest for lunch. FYI There are only two of us in our office that like boiled peanuts. WHAT?????

On the way home I was eyeing Walgreens pretty hard so I asked myself, "Is there anything in there you would die without buying?" . The answer of course, was no.

I made it home full of self pride and with no money taken out of the account!

I didn't make the same mistake as yesterday, I had some Special K this morning and felt so much better! Grapes are great but they should not count as breakfast. The coffee idea is still going great! I can't wait to share this with you all!

Lunch catered in with sushi, fried rice, chicken and salad. This is getting easier

I am so proud. WOW! Three days. I have saved so much money that when an automatic draft came out today I didn't even notice it.

Bring on

Every Thursday our office has donuts so I skipped the breakfast this morning and celebrated my three day victory with a glazed donut. Such a sweet victory. Let's just hope I am not celebrating prematurely! I still have two full days to go.

I packed my lunch this morning. No money spent there. I did leave the office at lunch time but I avoided all my favorite lunch time shopping places. Can I get an atta girl?

This is it! The home stretch! I have a bowl of Special K, make my coffee and I am out the door! I can do this! Just a few more hours!!

Lunch was so good, Chicken Marsala, potatoes, and salad. I am so glad we didn't have pizza this week. I would have been tempted to go out for lunch.

I am really going to make it. To celebrate we went to Chili's for dinner.... wait it isn't over... How can we go to dinner?  Thank you Mom and Dad for that Chili's gift card that paid for dinner with enough left over for the tip!!


I have to admit it feels pretty good. Check back for more posts on this challenge including how I made the coffee and  my estimate on how much I saved!

Tuesday, June 26, 2018

I Was Tested for Dry Eye... & It Was So Simple!!

Burning, itching red eyes. We have all seen the commercials for eye drops that offer relief from these symptoms. But have you ever wondered if these symptoms are stemming from actual Dry Eye Disease or Syndrome? 

I never really thought about it much until recently. I have noticed I rub my eyes a lot, and they are often irritated.  Is it because I have dry eye? I spend so much time looking at a monitor and phone, could that be what does it? I decided to quit playing the guessing game and find out! 

Wednesday, June 20, 2018

How to keep your eye safe from Makeup

Your eyes are precious!! Here are some tips for avoiding infection and abrasions from your makeup!

1. Keep it to yourself! Your mom always said you should share but in this case it is an absolute no no!! Sharing eye makeup means sharing bacteria and disease. No matter who it is!!

2. Keep it outside the line! Keeping your liner to the outside of the lash line prevents abrasions to the lids and eye. Applying to the waterline increases the chance that particles will migrate into the tear film over the cornea . This increases your chance of infection and irritation.

3. Keep sharp!
Keep your liner sharp so that the line is more precise. This will help lessen the chance to scratches to your eyes. Also make sure there are no wooden splinters left behind when you sharpen and that it sharpened evenly on all sides.

4. Keep it Fresh! Replacing all eye makeup every 3-4 months avoids bacterial infection. Also avoid products that have expired. A good rule of thumb with mascara is when it develops an odor or clumps. If you have had an eye infection ditch it all and start over!

5. Keep it still! Applying make up in a moving car is dangerous! Even more so if you happen to be the one driving! Save this for when you are out of the car and have reached your destination. Pot holes, sudden stops and accelerations are not your friend when you have a sharp liner, brush or mascara wand near the eye!

6. Keep it clean! Make sure you have removed all makeup at the end of the day. We know destroying that work of art that took you two hours to achieve is hard to do, But you will avoid infection and irritation by doing so. Pay close attention to the corners where mascara and liner can collect. Even shadow poses the threat of abrasion or irritation.