Friday, October 26, 2012

The Things Girlies Say!1

You would think a bunch of beautiful girls in beauty school would have a lot of conversations about hair, makeup, skincare, nails....don't fool yourself. You wouldn't believe the conversations that I walk into here. You learn things you don't want to know and catching the end of conversations some times isn't something you want to do. 

Todays Quotes:

I am borderline prostitute right now (J)
Half of beauticians are washed up strippers (D)
Am I your trick or your treat (E)
I'm going to slap the hair off your head (M)
I'm not into restraining my gut (K)
(R) She was nice (S) What you wanna do her?

(S) We are having a halloween costume contest on Wednesday (D) Is there a limit on what we can wear? (S) If you wouldn't wear it in front of your grandparents don't wear it (D) But I don't want to buy a new costume.

My dad's just happy I'm doing something other than cutting up dead things. Now it's hair, which little does he know is still something dead, just pretty. (R)