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Accreditation Is Over!!

We have been going through the process of getting accredited and let me tell you it is a stressful and time consuming process!!! The past two weeks was full of long days, and nights, lots of sleep lost due to thinking about everything that had to be done, redoing tons of paperwork, turning a six pound 321 page book into a digital catalog and adding bookmarks, shipping four copies out, UGHH!!!

Our final meeting with NACCAS was Tuesday and by three o'clock they told us we were approved with No Limitations!! That means they found nothing wrong and nothing had to be changed! I think I cried!! I might not have been as worried if I had a clue what I was doing but I came into this job in January with not a single idea of how to do any of it. I thank God for leading me in the right direction with it all.

Now onto bigger things!! Build the schools enrollment, clientele, promote promote promote!!! Yay!!

Stressful week!!!

This week was so crazy! I feel like I have had more hats to wear this week than ever!! It however, ended on a great note!! We have completed our digital iss! For those of you that don't know that is the six pound book we had to put together for accreditation. Next is our final visit on the 13th.... I am very nervous! The next week will be hectic and stressful but so worth it!Published with Blogger-droid v2.0.9