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Nominate someone for a day of beauty!!

Our School is having a contest!!!

I am very excited about this contest because it gives us a chance to give back!! 

Here is the information/rules 

Is there someone that you know that deserves a day of beauty but for some reason or another is not able to do this for them selves? Enter their story on our wall (no names please), then get the most likes on your post between now and the 20th. The story that has the most likes wins!!
1. Anyone that votes must like our page for their vote to count.
2. Students and Faculty can nominate some one but can not them selves be nominated. They can however vote.
3. All votes must be in by the 20th. 

So let the posting begin.

Make your own Matte Polish..

I have been dying to try the Matte look in polish. However, I have been unable to find the colors I want  in it! I was very happy to find these two tips on pinterest:

Create a matte top coat that will turn any color by adding cornstarch to your topcoat!!! This makes any  color matte with out forever changing the polish!

Create your own matte color!! Buy a cheap white polish, you can usually find them for about a dollar. Take an eye shadow in a color that you want the polish to be, if you are like me you have a lot of these that didn't quite look as good on your eyes as you thought they would,  and crush it into a powder and pour in the polish. Tada Matte color.

I can't wait to try these two tips out!! The first idea I want to try is this one:

I will post my reviews of these tips as soon as I get to try them!!

I love the weekend!!

Day one of the weekend! This has been a hectic and crazy week!!

We were busy most of the week at work, had electrical problems that had us scrambling for outlets to use dryers, straighteners, etc for clients and a few difficult services.

Had two friend deliver their beautiful sons into the world this week and an amazing friend celebrate her birthday! Happy Birthday again Jenna, and congratulations once again to Whitney and Ashley. I expected my third friend that is expecting to keep the ball rolling but not as of today.

I have found a new love on the internet!!! It is like pinterest for food. I see me spending lots of time here!!! Check it out and let me know what you think.

Ho Hum it's Wednesday!!!

Wednesday!! How's that bittersweet day that makes you hopeful because you are so close to the weekend yet bums you out because you are still so far from the weekend...
It's bad enough that today is Wednesday but it makes it even worse that I have been stuck in my office most of the day! I love being out front so much more! Especially on days that we are busy and there is a hustle to the place! I think I thrive on that a bad thing? Give me a challenge and I am so much happier than if my task is a repetitive mundane one. 
I have found out today that several of my friends that are Cosmetologists in Tennessee aren't doing Keratin treatments!! I will be remedying this when I come home for Christmas!!! They are amazing!!! Now I am wanting to bring a ton of other items like our skin care line we carry Intaglio! Looks like it may be a working Christmas for me....
On a final note Congratulations to Ms. Ashley Palestino on the birth of her son Parker! I a…


Yesterday we had a free class for keratin certification and dream hairs new product serieseal! I was fortunate enough to be a hair model for the serieseal! I love it!! My hair is so soft and silky and extremely shiny! If you have ever wanted the keratin but were turned off by the formaldehyde this is the product you should try!!
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