Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Ho Hum it's Wednesday!!!

Wednesday!! How's that bittersweet day that makes you hopeful because you are so close to the weekend yet bums you out because you are still so far from the weekend...

It's bad enough that today is Wednesday but it makes it even worse that I have been stuck in my office most of the day! I love being out front so much more! Especially on days that we are busy and there is a hustle to the place! I think I thrive on that a bad thing? Give me a challenge and I am so much happier than if my task is a repetitive mundane one. 

I have found out today that several of my friends that are Cosmetologists in Tennessee aren't doing Keratin treatments!! I will be remedying this when I come home for Christmas!!! They are amazing!!! Now I am wanting to bring a ton of other items like our skin care line we carry Intaglio! Looks like it may be a working Christmas for me....

On a final note Congratulations to Ms. Ashley Palestino on the birth of her son Parker! I also have a second friend that we believe has went in labor today!! Wow!!!!

Can't wait to see what Thursday holds for me!! It's a special day for some one very close to me!!!!

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