Monday, January 14, 2013

My messed up day

What a day....

I woke up to a dead cell phone and panicked because the electricians were supposed to call for me to let them in to the school....luckily it was still early!

I wait for them to call. They were supposed to call 45 minutes before they left so I could get across town about the same time they arrived.. I get a call that they had been there fifteen minutes waiting and can I hurry. Not how I like to start my day, but I rush my shower and throw on clothes and rush out to the school.

Later that afternoon I go do do my laundry and when I pull my whites out I realize I had thrown the whole large brand new box of bounce sheets in with them!! Cleaning cardboard out of my clothing was not my idea of fun!

Finally my running almost is done!! I go in the grocery store and come out and surprise I forgot where I parked my car! Blonde moment!

Glad tomorrow is a new day!


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  1. Well. the threading class went well...beautiful certificates done by Ms. Susan...and all were so happy and sore after threading, lol each other's arms..One gal, will be great! She had it so down...Now..Ms. Susan will plan yet another story book continuing education class for perhaps barbering for Ms. Mendy, or color correction with Stephanie, or Spray laugh, we cry..all in a day's beauty work...a girl's gotta look matter how painful..ouch..