Sunday, January 27, 2013

My week in review...

My first week away from Parisian and I am missing my girls!! The decision to leave was a hard one but I feel it was for the best! I am loving my new job! 

Day two into the new job began with being hit in the Starbucks parking lot.....Ugh my poor baby!!  She was hit last year in the school parking lot in almost the same spot!!

Made it through the week and I have to admit having a two and a half day weekend every week is going to be nice!! We headed out to St Augustine on Saturday night for dinner with friends at a nice little place called Ned's Southern Kitchen. 

This is so discouraging...after two years the pay off on my car is still so high..Cest la vie....

Can't wait to see what this week holds for me!! Next weekend is Super Bowl!! I am excited!!! WHO ARE YOU CHEERING FOR??

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