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The Weekend in Orlando

I had the most amazing time on Orlando!!! The Rosen Shingle Creek is nothing short of spectacular!!!

the rooms were so nice and super luxurious, our view of the golf course was amazing and the amenities were equally as great. I visited the shops downstairs while we were there and the prices were not what I thought they would be. I even bought some shoes and we all know how cheap I can be!! The staff were friendly and accommodating and the valets went over and beyond!!! I can't wait to go back again!!!

If we would have stayed in the room it would have been a great weekend but we had an awards banquet and dinner to go to: The bartenders were great and handled the crowd of 1100+ with ease! The appetizers were so yummy, and the dinner and dessert were pure perfection!! I loved it. I now want to win the lottery and move in here! The tables were set with such elegance. I had to take multiple pictures of it because of how pretty it was. 

I wish we could have laid around after we got home…

My week in review

Another wonderful week!! I am aching to get out and try my new camera!! However so far I have been to busy!
I picked Phyllis up last week after her repairs and decided to treat her to a nice oil change! I know she loved it! The rest of my weekend was spent moving...UGH not my favorite thing to do but it was over in no time thanks to my wonderful man and a few good friends!
The work week started and it was pretty uneventful... well with the exceptions of my two Final Destination moments I had..Pictures above. Am I the only one who has these? On the way home one day I had to pass the sign to the beaches. If it hadn't been such a gloomy day I would have probably taken it as a hint!!
This weeks lunches included Red Elephant, Love love love their Rebecca Salad, Jason's Deli which was new for me but was so very yummy! I look forward to eating there again, and last and least Bowl of PHo.....Not my cup of tea at all! I love the hot sauce that they keep around. I have included some o…

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The week in review Volume 2

Whew another week down!

This was week number two at the new job and I am loving it more and more!!! I love that I am working with my friend Judy and I am loving all the new friends I am making!! The best part is that I am getting paid to do what I would be doing if I were jobless.....playing on the internet and messing with graphics and etc!!! Wow life is so good and God always takes such good care of me!!

For some reason this week started off with me finding some things highly amusing...the Turduchen...just hearing that word makes me laugh and has since I heard it for the first time on Glee. Who thinks hey lets shove three different kinds of poultry/fowl inside of each other??? And the Chinee takee outee....that is just classic!!! Sigh...I think I am just easily amused sometimes!!

We had a quiet week! Stayed at home for dinner quite a bit....with the exception of dinner at Red Lobster. I think this was actually the first week we have stayed home for dinner in a very long time, but it…