Sunday, February 3, 2013

The week in review Volume 2

Whew another week down!

This was week number two at the new job and I am loving it more and more!!! I love that I am working with my friend Judy and I am loving all the new friends I am making!! The best part is that I am getting paid to do what I would be doing if I were jobless.....playing on the internet and messing with graphics and etc!!! Wow life is so good and God always takes such good care of me!!

For some reason this week started off with me finding some things highly amusing...the Turduchen...just hearing that word makes me laugh and has since I heard it for the first time on Glee. Who thinks hey lets shove three different kinds of poultry/fowl inside of each other??? And the Chinee takee outee....that is just classic!!! Sigh...I think I am just easily amused sometimes!!

We had a quiet week! Stayed at home for dinner quite a bit....with the exception of dinner at Red Lobster. I think this was actually the first week we have stayed home for dinner in a very long time, but it was nice!  We more than made up for it with a Saturday night dinner at Outback, and a Sunday morning breakfast at University Diner.

Friday after work I took Phyllis in for her repairs. We had to go to Progressive. I didn't get to meet Flo...I was very disappointed but I did get a very cool bag with her silhouette on it to put my stuff in :). They gave me a Toyota Corolla to drive while my Nissan is getting her repairs. I took a picture of the only part of it that I found remotely impressive...the dash. I am not a fan of the Corolla even though before Phyllis I had Betty and that is what she was.

After dropping Phyllis I had lunch with my friend Judy at O'Charlies. I love love love their Mango iced tea. I also had the "Overloaded Potato Soup" which was delicious! 

Dress shopping with out my little Britt Brat just isn't any fun!! All these beautiful dresses and she wasn't there to try them on.....It was a little depressing!!! I miss my daughters so much!!!
I did send her these pics to try and con her into a trip down though...How evil of me right??

Sunday.....Out to breakfast with my love and our dear friend Tom, a little grocery shopping, the SUPER BOWL with two great friends. I love my life....this is the guy that makes it so wonderful and keeps me smiling all the time!!

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