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what ends well.......

So as bad as my Thursday started out it got immensely better!
One of my friends cars wasn't working and some one inexperienced but really trying to help told her it was the engine and she would need a new one. She was so upset. I took a look at it and it ended up just being her battery. I was so glad to be of help. 
I stopped by Walgreen's to get some plastic eggs and candy to take to the rescue mission tomorrow and got this message from her while I was shopping: 

I was so glad that I could help her and that it was only something minor!
Then comes the call from my daughter. I sent my grandsons Wreck it Ralph for Easter and put their names on the package. When she saw that the mailman was delivering it she let the oldest who is 3 go get it. She said he came in all excited and said Mama it is for me!! How do you know she asked? He said look you see that right there that is my name. I was so proud of him!! He can read his name at 3. 
My next good deed was making my wonderful boy…

Spring Giveaway!!!! Pictures added

I am so excited about this giveaway! First because it is well...My First. Also because it is all going to be spring based and I love spring ! In the gift basket you will find nail polish in a spring color, the $25 gift card and some other spring based products. Not to mention some wonderful samples I am including.

Items included are: Scruples Enforce Sculpting Glaze, a Bubble Pen from Michael's, an Easter Ring Pop complete with a little pink bunny, bunny lip pops, (we have to have some fun in there and I do expect a picture from the winner haha), a spring green bath loofa, two conair salon clips from the sophisticate collection (love these things),  Sinful polish in Sugar Rush,  a dragon fly nail file, a spring blue sharpie, a spring blue gel pen, two packets of NeoCutis Peche (for redness control, great if you have Rosacea) There will be other items. This is in addition to the $25 visa gift card.  

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Thursday... The new Monday??

Are we sure this is Thursday because it sure is feeling a lot like a Monday....
Had a fight with my camisole this morning...I won but it was close.
Interviewing for the front desk position for the third time today! Please Please Please let me find some one.
Being around someone whose voice alone wants to make you commit a felony....maybe I don't need a gun after all.
Ok on the upside it may feel like a Monday but it is indeed Thursday and that makes tomorrow...

Hope everyone has a great one!!!!

Monday Blues.....

It's Monday and I am back to work..... Where did the weekend go? I promise it feels like it should be Saturday at the very latest. Oh well it is what it is and just think if it weren't for Monday's we would just have to hate Tuesdays......

So last week I decided in addition to counting calories....not that I have to count to high, 1200 isn't as much as you would think,....I would cut back on the amount of carbs I take in. So far this seems to be working and I am soooo happy. I was scared I was destined to be over weight!!! The Diet bet is close to over and I still have a few more lbs to shed. I am going to keep positive and stick with it!!!

This weekend is Easter. Among all the egg hunts, barbecues, and etc lets remember what Easter is all about. I will be going to church with my boyfriends family....Have I mentioned how amazing they are??

Hope everyone has a great week!!

12 Days.....

Wow how is it possible that I haven't updated this blog in that long?? Granted I have been busy with the new job and some other things but really???? Seriously???

First things first. No more blonde....It was fun while it lasted but I was ready for a change. So Brunette it was..It probably won't take to long before I get bored again.....
The diet...I am having such a hard time with this. I have cut back my calories, started doing more exercise, yet I can't seem to get past the few pounds ugh it is so aggravating!!! I spoke to a friend today that is also a personal trainer that is going to give me some tips and I am so thankful. Also she told me if it doesn't change to think about getting some things checked out with my scary!!!

The past week and a half has been busy at work. We are going social and I am so excited!! Also we are doing a Celebrate you event at the end of April that promises to be amazing!! I am learning so much and love that even though I a…

Mid week.......

Almost over!!! Well this week is almost over and I am ECSTATIC!! I have been putting in some long hours and I am missing Jeremy very much!! This week started out slow! I mean really slow! I thought that Thursday was never ever going to get here! I had my new phone to help me make it through it though! I finally got the Razr M in hot pink (of course) and I love it! It has so many new apps and fun widgets on it and is lightening fast!! My newest addictions: and triple berry oat smoothie from Tropical smoothie! I have joined a friend on and we are losing weight and winning money at the same time! What could be better...Oh did I mention I am doing it for charity! You should check this site out if you are dieting! Oh the smoothie....Triple Berry Oat With Splenda™ Strawberries, Blueberries, Cranberry, Multi-Vitamin, Ground Flax Seed, Whole Grain Oats, Whey Protein & Splenda..I know it sounds very different but it is very yummy!

Tuesday when the week seemed a…


So excited about my newest endeavor to lose weight!

I have been invited to join a challenge at by my sister-not-in-law (meaning my boyfriends sister) the Wonderful Jennadk from Life is Sweet! Don't follow her? You can find her here:

Why am I excited???

1. I get to challenge and be challenged by friends to lose 4% of my body weight in 28 days!
2. It gives me motivation!
3. YOU CAN WIN MONEY!!!! Yes that is right every one puts in on the pot and if you can lose the 4% you win a portion of it!! I am playing for charity so all my winnings will go toward that!

Interested??? Here is the link to the challenge!!! Are you up for it?

Oh My Mia!!!!

I finally bought my Mia!!! I have been using it for a week now and I love love love it!!! 
The first day I had it I put it in the bathroom to charge and was so excited!!! About an hour later I hear a kaboom from the bathroom and found it in the floor!! Seems the wonderful Mr. Oakley (cat) found that the charger cord was fun to play with!! Back on the charger and moved to the counter top I waited anxiously for bed time that night to use it!!  Finally!! I took the protective cap off, decided to give the cleanser that came with it a try, wet the head of the Mia, pushed the power button, and ......nothing????? What???? It had been plugged up for hours!! Had I done it wrong? It seemed self explanatory.....hmmm. I re read the directions, checked my connection. I plugged it back in again, went to leave the bathroom feeling disappointed, turned off the light.....wait a minute, the light switch!!! All that time and the light switch had to be turned on to charge it!! UGHHHH... After charging t…


I have been such a slacker lately!! But in my defense I have had some very busy weeks! Two weeks ago we had the banquet that I was actually able to squeeze into my last blog, the next weekend we had the Daytona 500, and I have been short a receptionist at work as well which has me working more.

Where to start!!! I am still loving my new job. The traffic is a bit more than with my previous job but it is so worth it! 
DAYTONA... I am not a big race fan. Ok I honestly don't watch it. But when the boyfriend asked if I wanted to go I said Heck Yes! I am always up for a new adventure!!! 

Wow we paid $40 to park and still had to walk a zillion miles. It was so worth it. I have discovered that 
1. Nascar races would not be the place to pick up guys if you are single 2. Always map your route before you walk 4 miles out of your way 3. They allow coolers on wheels and you don't have to carry the 20 pounds of stuff 4. Nascar races are awesome places to people watch
 I got excited when I s…