Friday, March 22, 2013

12 Days.....

Wow how is it possible that I haven't updated this blog in that long?? Granted I have been busy with the new job and some other things but really???? Seriously???

First things first. No more blonde....It was fun while it lasted but I was ready for a change. So Brunette it was..It probably won't take to long before I get bored again.....

The diet...I am having such a hard time with this. I have cut back my calories, started doing more exercise, yet I can't seem to get past the few pounds ugh it is so aggravating!!! I spoke to a friend today that is also a personal trainer that is going to give me some tips and I am so thankful. Also she told me if it doesn't change to think about getting some things checked out with my scary!!!

The past week and a half has been busy at work. We are going social and I am so excited!! Also we are doing a Celebrate you event at the end of April that promises to be amazing!! I am learning so much and love that even though I am the Office Coordinator the Doctor teaches me so much!! We are short a person at the front desk and it has made things crazy but it is so hard to find the right person for the job.

I have been so blessed by all the amazing people that have came into my life. Jeremy's family is so amazing! I love it!! I also have made some very dear friends at work that I love more and more everyday!!

His brother celebrated his 30th birthday this past weekend and they had him a wonderful surprise party! The decorations and food were amazing!!!

What am I excited about right now??? New things to review for my blog and Influenster!! My very first VoxBox!!!! It has all this amazing stuff in it that I am really loving!!!

I am also reviewing two eye treatments that I will post a blog about in two months and a few other products!

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