Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Oh My Mia!!!!

I finally bought my Mia!!! I have been using it for a week now and I love love love it!!! 

The first day I had it I put it in the bathroom to charge and was so excited!!! About an hour later I hear a kaboom from the bathroom and found it in the floor!! Seems the wonderful Mr. Oakley (cat) found that the charger cord was fun to play with!! Back on the charger and moved to the counter top I waited anxiously for bed time that night to use it!! 
Finally!! I took the protective cap off, decided to give the cleanser that came with it a try, wet the head of the Mia, pushed the power button, and ......nothing????? What???? It had been plugged up for hours!! Had I done it wrong? It seemed self explanatory.....hmmm. I re read the directions, checked my connection. I plugged it back in again, went to leave the bathroom feeling disappointed, turned off the light.....wait a minute, the light switch!!! All that time and the light switch had to be turned on to charge it!! UGHHHH... After charging the device over night in my room I finally was able to use it! It was amazing! I am almost glad I had to wait till morning! It was a real wake me up! I didn't care for the cleanser that came with it. It dried out my already dry skin. I would recommend the Mia to anyone. They also have different options for sensitive skin and acne, and they have a body brush if you want one to use all over!!!

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