Tuesday, March 5, 2013


I have been such a slacker lately!! But in my defense I have had some very busy weeks! Two weeks ago we had the banquet that I was actually able to squeeze into my last blog, the next weekend we had the Daytona 500, and I have been short a receptionist at work as well which has me working more.

Where to start!!!
I am still loving my new job. The traffic is a bit more than with my previous job but it is so worth it! 

I am not a big race fan. Ok I honestly don't watch it. But when the boyfriend asked if I wanted to go I said Heck Yes! I am always up for a new adventure!!! 

Wow we paid $40 to park and still had to walk a zillion miles. It was so worth it. I have discovered that 

1. Nascar races would not be the place to pick up guys if you are single
2. Always map your route before you walk 4 miles out of your way
3. They allow coolers on wheels and you don't have to carry the 20 pounds of stuff
4. Nascar races are awesome places to people watch

 I got excited when I saw this:

But when I zoomed in I was disappointed!! There was not a single beard on the boat!!!

Some of my favorite shots I took.....

Capturing a wreck....

Victory Lap

Very fun experience!! 
This past weekend I spent relaxing. Pedicure, shopping, and lunch with my Sis-in Law, Dinner on Saturday and Sunday with the boyfriends parents, and a lazy Sunday with him! 

Life is so good and I am so blessed!

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