Thursday, March 28, 2013

what ends well.......

So as bad as my Thursday started out it got immensely better!

One of my friends cars wasn't working and some one inexperienced but really trying to help told her it was the engine and she would need a new one. She was so upset. I took a look at it and it ended up just being her battery. I was so glad to be of help. 

I stopped by Walgreen's to get some plastic eggs and candy to take to the rescue mission tomorrow and got this message from her while I was shopping: 

I was so glad that I could help her and that it was only something minor!

Then comes the call from my daughter. I sent my grandsons Wreck it Ralph for Easter and put their names on the package. When she saw that the mailman was delivering it she let the oldest who is 3 go get it. She said he came in all excited and said Mama it is for me!! How do you know she asked? He said look you see that right there that is my name. I was so proud of him!! He can read his name at 3. 

My next good deed was making my wonderful boyfriend cookies despite the fact that I can't eat them! I hope he appreciates that! I did however reward myself by making me a nice bowl of yogurt with fresh strawberries. 

<----------His Snack
My Snack -------->


  1. Hey Sweet Girl! I'm here returning the love! Thank you for stopping by my blog, I'm very happy to have you! :)

    I couldn't respond to your comment because you're set up to be a "no-reply comment blogger"... if you'd like to change it, here's the tutorial I did on it :)

    xo, Ashley

    1. Ashley, Thank you so much for that information!!