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Vaseline Spray and Go Review!!!

Can I just start by saying that I LOVE LOVE LOVE this product!!!!!

Why do I love it???

1. I suffer from eczema and staying moisturized is a major concern for me. Anything that helps with that is a major plus.

2. It is designed to spray from any angle!!! Yes, ANY Angle!! Even upside down.

3.There isn't an over bearing scent so it doesn't irritate my eczema!!

The spray is continuous and steady. It covers well and leaves no greasy residue! I will definitely by using this product from now on!

Thankful Thursday!!!!

It's Thursday!! Yay one more work day! This has been a very hectic week with our big event tonight!

This picture inspired my Thanks for this week:

So often we forget to be thankful for the little things. Even if it is the flip flops we buy for a buck or two and throw on to let the dogs out.....They aren't promised, they aren't owed, and sometimes we forget that we are blessed to have them.

Phoneless weekend.....

I have a serious addiction to my phone. Which is why I shocked myself this weekend by leaving it behind not once but twice!!! How will the world ever survive with out knowing where I am, what I ate, what I drank, and who I am with????

Well apparently it did! I know I can hardly believe it myself. I have to admit it was nice to sit back and not have it going off every three minutes. I did have it with me for a portion of Saturday which was a wonderful day despite the rain.

I spent the morning with the boyfriends parents and aunt. We took a nice little ride to Lake Weir and had lunch at Gator Joe's. I wish I had worn my Seminole shirt because EVERYTHING there is Gator and Orange and Blue!

I am very blessed to have a boyfriend with amazing parents! In fact his entire family is nothing short of amazing! We also spent that evening with his family competing in Trivia at Dick's wings! It was great! I laughed so much my face hurt!!!

Thankful Thursday, New Hair

It's Thursday and although I didn't do this last week I am really trying to keep up with this part of my blog most of all!!

Today I have been entering a ton of patient's history into the system. It is kind of sad to see that much stuff wrong with one person. Then I feel guilty that I have such good health and that such a burden has been placed on them.

I am so extremely blessed to have good health. Especially since my last job didn't have insurance and I haven't been here quite long enough to get on it here at the new job.

Highlights of the past week:

We spent an amazing evening at a beach house on beautiful Ponte Vedra Beach! Including a trip to Pusser's! (horrible name, wonderful place!). The middle drink is called a pain killer! Yummy!! The top right picture is the view from our bedroom the next morning! 

I keep arguing with my daughters that I am not high maintenance.....then I review my pictures from the week and ummm they do not provide a very good argue…

Getting back to the weight loss grind....

So after losing a little over seven pounds in a month...hold the applause till you hear the rest... I blew the diet off and gained probably all of it back!! I'm so mad at myself! So this week I have started eating right (ok well better) again, watching my calorie and carb intake, and walking with a very feeble attempt at running thrown in. I am very blessed to have a wonderful sister not in law to walk with and keep me motivated! Oh and the two wonderful pups that go with us, Duke and Dodger! This week we are doing a little over a mile each night and will add to it weekly. Yay, go us!!!!! We are using the amazing Nike running app and I love the information it gives us at the end!

What have I been up to??

Ahh it's Wednesday and I have as yet to update my blog from the wonderful weekened I had!!

I finally found an online tutorial that helped me understand some of the 5000 features on my new camera!! Yay!! I was excited and ready to try them out!! I looked for someone to go with me and every one was busy :(..... Ok I have never been one to let that stop me so off I go to adventure out on my own. I decided to visit the Spanish Pond over at Fort Caroline. I pull up and there is only one other car there and wouldn't you know it...a creepy guy standing next to it! Ugh...Ok so I will take a picture of his tag and him and send it to a friend. Ok at least they can find who killed me after I am gone :). I get about half way around the pond and my wonderful brother calls to tell me if I stayed off facebook looking for people to go with me I would have more time to actually be out...He is such a little smarty pants. Then he asked if I wanted to go to the zoo with my amazing nieces and neph…

Optic White... The Review

Tada....The first review from my Influenster Voxbox!!!!'

So I had tried the toothpaste, and maybe the toothbrush before. And I had pretty descent results from them. This time around I am trying all three and I thought well am I really going to get that much difference out of the mouthwash??

I am going to review them one at a time....

 The toothbrush: I love this toothbrush! Think of it as the baby bear of the toothbrushes...Not to stiff, not to soft...Just right. My teeth feel wonderful after I brush, I don't have to overly scrub to get the results I want, and the angle is great as well!!

The toothpaste: I like most the fact that there isn't excessive foaming or after taste of peroxide that you get with some whitening toothpastes. That drives me crazy!! It has a nice flavor with out being to over whelming and does a great job of whitening.

The Mouthwash: Ok I have to say there is a lot of foaming with this product. That drives me crazy. This was also the first non-minty, a…

Guilty Pleasures....

So I was catching up on my Glee episodes and the theme was Guilty Pleasures... their version of these were music that they didn't want friends to know they liked Examples: Wham, Barry Manilow, Spice Girls.. you get the picture. Last night while indulging in 3/4 of a bottle of Moscato (I didn't have to share because my partner in wine Jenna was at Disney on ice) I decided to share some of mine on today's blog.

Musical: Glee, Taylor Swift, George Michael, Cindy Lauper, Spandua Ballet, When in Rome, and the entire Grease soundtrack. Possibly Grease 2 as well.

Movies: Mama Mia.(I could watch that forever), Grace of my Heart, Both Grease Movies, Cry baby, and Earth Girls are Easy.

Weird Food habits: I like to take all the chocolate off a snicker before I eat them, I like gravy on my fries, m&m's with Pretzel sticks are awesome, I like to smear peanut butter on my banana after I cut it into chunks.

Ok time to share some of your Guilty Pleasures with me in the comments b…

Thankful Thursday!

This is a blog I am hoping I can remember to do every week!  What am I thankful for this week?
I am thankful for this rain. Even though it is a pain to drive in and makes me tired I know that it is going to help it really turn green and make things very springy!!
I am thankful for my wonderful family and friends! 
My boyfriend
My amazing job and employer!!
I am also thankful for the products I get to try!!!! 

I am so excited to be trying this product!! My skimpy little lashes need all the help they can get. It takes up to 8 weeks to get results so I will be taking weekly pics and post them all at the end of 8 weeks. Has anyone else tried this?

 I have also been trying two different eye products (one on each eye) that I will be posting reviews on here in the next couple of weeks! I can't wait to see the difference in the pics. I haven't been comparing them so it should be fun! Sad thing is the pictures are of my eyes with no makeup SCARY!!!!

Also reviews of my very first Influ…