Thursday, April 18, 2013

Thankful Thursday, New Hair

It's Thursday and although I didn't do this last week I am really trying to keep up with this part of my blog most of all!!

Today I have been entering a ton of patient's history into the system. It is kind of sad to see that much stuff wrong with one person. Then I feel guilty that I have such good health and that such a burden has been placed on them.

I am so extremely blessed to have good health. Especially since my last job didn't have insurance and I haven't been here quite long enough to get on it here at the new job.

Highlights of the past week:

We spent an amazing evening at a beach house on beautiful Ponte Vedra Beach! Including a trip to Pusser's! (horrible name, wonderful place!). The middle drink is called a pain killer! Yummy!! The top right picture is the view from our bedroom the next morning! 

I keep arguing with my daughters that I am not high maintenance.....then I review my pictures from the week and ummm they do not provide a very good arguement! Oh well haha I am loving my new hair color! It has been a long time since I went this dark! I was afraid the love wouldn't like it so I didn't tell him I was doing it. I got home and his response was what in the (insert potty mouth here)...Little did I know his sister had already filled him in and I was pranked by the two of them....I STILL OWE YOU JENNA!  lol 

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