Wednesday, April 10, 2013

What have I been up to??

Ahh it's Wednesday and I have as yet to update my blog from the wonderful weekened I had!!

I finally found an online tutorial that helped me understand some of the 5000 features on my new camera!! Yay!! I was excited and ready to try them out!! I looked for someone to go with me and every one was busy :(..... Ok I have never been one to let that stop me so off I go to adventure out on my own. I decided to visit the Spanish Pond over at Fort Caroline. I pull up and there is only one other car there and wouldn't you know it...a creepy guy standing next to it! Ugh...Ok so I will take a picture of his tag and him and send it to a friend. Ok at least they can find who killed me after I am gone :). I get about half way around the pond and my wonderful brother calls to tell me if I stayed off facebook looking for people to go with me I would have more time to actually be out...He is such a little smarty pants. Then he asked if I wanted to go to the zoo with my amazing nieces and nephew!! Why of course!!

Wonderful Day 1 Complete

The next day we went to Ponte Vedra beach to spend some time with Jeremy's family..I will let  the pics say it all!!!

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