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Thankful Thursday

This week I am thankful for:

The fact that key people in my life are motivated and hard workers, I have been so overcome by people that don't see a challenge as an opportunity and do nothing but whine and complain. It drags you down and with out those close to me that feel more like myself I would probably be down in the dumps right now.

Airplanes and a fear of heights

I am sitting in the Jacksonville airport waiting for my flight wishing they offered some kind if BA Baracus..?? ..spelling?  Type of service. You know where they knock you out and you don't even realize you have flown.I blogged about facing my fears of  motorcycles last week... My fear of heights is worse! When I was young I would actually freak out if someone picked me up over their heads. Here I am about to pay good money to be hurled thousands of miles in the air.    surely this is some kind of self destruction thing.I've flown several times but this fear will not leave me.  I think take off is the worst, or the landing maybe??? Ugh!!

All Packed.....I think...Maybe??...UGH!!!

I am very certain that the perfect way to drive a woman crazy is to lose her luggage enough that she doesn't ever want to check it again, and then give her a very small, limited amount of room to pack enough clothes, shoes, make up, etc for four days!!! Seriously?? I am not high maintenance and still have a hard time doing it!

Finally after all evening of repacking again and again I am done! Ok I think I am done...

I am off on Thursday morning to Tennessee to be there when my youngest daughter graduates!! I am so thrilled! I am so proud of all my girls! The week end will be filled with the daughters, grandsons, and friends! I will also be taking a ton of pictures and am thinking of adding a photo gallery to my site.

Keep my in your prayers for safe travel!

Conquered Fears, The Great Turtle Rescue,

I know I am always late with my blogs...but I am a very busy girl! I also take care of a facebook, blog, website, email and the office for my job.

Friday night began with some bad news. The wonderful cook at a restaurant that Jeremy and I met at and often frequent passed away. We met friends for drinks and dinner. RIP Cecil.

Saturday I was up bright and early to have a small road trip with Jeremy's Mom, Dad, Grammy, and Aunt. I love his family they are all amazing people that work hard and play equally hard. Despite the fact that Jeremy works almost every time we make a trip I still have a great time when I am with them!

Ok so the big deal about this trip is I conquered a fear!!!  I haven't been on the back of a motorcycle in a very long time because I have developed a huge fear due to several friends/family being injured or killed on them. I decided to get over it and face it!! Once I got past the idea of sliding across hot rough pavement at 60+ miles an hour I was good....T…'s not just for kids.

Growing up I dealt with a lot of bullying. I mean a lot. There wasn't to many days that went by that I didn't end up in tears. I didn't respond to it well and had a smart mouth and quick temper which seemed to only make things worse. 
I thought "Wow I can't wait to grow up so all of this will stop and I won't have to deal with bullies ever again"...
Little did I know that the adult world has their fair share of them. 
This week I have had to deal with one in the work place. I am usually really good at keeping a smile on my face and letting anything negative slide off me. That is as long as it happens to me. Be rude to me and it doesn't bother me because you and your actions really don't decide anything in my life, talk about me, that is ok all those years of bullying made me a very very strong person and if you are talking about me then you might be leaving some one who cares what you think alone.
The thing that really gets me going though is seei…

Thankful Thursday

It's Thursday...

First of all this week I am thankful that tomorrow is Friday! It has been a long week. We are down from four  people to two this week and I have been really putting in the hours! I am beyond tired!

Second I am thankful for the patience I have been blessed with. I have really had my buttons pushed at work this week and if I were any weaker I would have probably been very ugly to a person or two this week! I just can't relate to rude and lazy people. You can't expect some one to show you respect if you don't show them respect and do you really expect your employer to keep you if you are late, don't come in or refuse to do what you are asked? UGH!!

The sad part is that the disrespectful person didn't really make me so mad when they disrespected me. I can take it I am amazingly strong and people like that's comments mean absolutely 0 to me. What made me mad was when they disrespect others whose feelings get hurt. I would defend a friend faster…

Rainy Friday...what is your motivation??

Today is a miserable day... Rain rain rain all day!!! 
I was so looking forward to going to the Fernindina Beach with the Love's family for the Shrimp Festival but it doesn't look like that is going to happen. I guess I will go home and surprise my sweetheart by cleaning the house and doing the laundry.......hang out with the pups a a movie......I really dislike that the weather makes it difficult to do anything fun! On top of that it drains my energy or want to do anything at all!
What do you like to do on rainy days? If you need to clean house or something that requires motivation how do you get it?
I plan on going home and changing into sweats then cranking up some music (probably something cheesy that I wouldn't listen to if anyone were home) and throwing myself into it.
Either that or fall into the couch with a snack and watch tv ha ha

Thankful Thursday

I attempted to post from my phone yesterday only to find that not only did it not post but it didn't save anything I had put in as well....UGH!! Oh well better late than never.
This week I am thankful that God blessed me with my three beautiful daughters. They are each as different from the next as they can possibly be but they are all three amazing. I love them with all my heart and am very proud of them. 

Lat weekend....Ok week

I think I am the worst blogger ever! I can never find time between Monday and Wednesday to blog! In my defense I have been very very busy!!

I helped put together our first event at work and it was a grand success!!!!

I didn't get home till midnight! I was so tired but it was so much fun!! Friday my beautiful youngest daughter had prom!! This is her with her sister (my middle and equally beautiful daughter) Brittany and Tiffany

Saturday was girly day with the wonderful Sister not in law! We went to visit a cute little boutique in Fernindina called Colie's! She has the cutest clothes and accessories! Afterward we stopped for lunch at the Sanddollar and took the ferry across the river. It was a beautiful day and we had such a good time!

Saturday night was date night!! Always a good time when I go out with my sweetheart and its even more fun when Tara and Matt join us!!

Sunday was the most exciting day of the weekend!! Jeremy's nephew threw out the first ball at the Suns Game!…