Tuesday, May 14, 2013

All Packed.....I think...Maybe??...UGH!!!

I am very certain that the perfect way to drive a woman crazy is to lose her luggage enough that she doesn't ever want to check it again, and then give her a very small, limited amount of room to pack enough clothes, shoes, make up, etc for four days!!! Seriously?? I am not high maintenance and still have a hard time doing it!

Finally after all evening of repacking again and again I am done! Ok I think I am done...

I am off on Thursday morning to Tennessee to be there when my youngest daughter graduates!! I am so thrilled! I am so proud of all my girls! The week end will be filled with the daughters, grandsons, and friends! I will also be taking a ton of pictures and am thinking of adding a photo gallery to my site.

Keep my in your prayers for safe travel!

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