Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Conquered Fears, The Great Turtle Rescue,

I know I am always late with my blogs...but I am a very busy girl! I also take care of a facebook, blog, website, email and the office for my job.

Friday night began with some bad news. The wonderful cook at a restaurant that Jeremy and I met at and often frequent passed away. We met friends for drinks and dinner. RIP Cecil.

Saturday I was up bright and early to have a small road trip with Jeremy's Mom, Dad, Grammy, and Aunt. I love his family they are all amazing people that work hard and play equally hard. Despite the fact that Jeremy works almost every time we make a trip I still have a great time when I am with them!

Ok so the big deal about this trip is I conquered a fear!!!  I haven't been on the back of a motorcycle in a very long time because I have developed a huge fear due to several friends/family being injured or killed on them. I decided to get over it and face it!! Once I got past the idea of sliding across hot rough pavement at 60+ miles an hour I was good....Then we got to the Bridge....Ok I am a scaredy cat and have several fears and Heights...Yea that is a major one!! But I survived! Yay!!!

We ended that evening with a surprise dinner for Jeremy's mom. She had said all day that she didn't know what they were going to do for mother's day because everyone was so busy. They totally took her off guard! Have I mentioned that my love is an amazing cook? Inch and a half thick ribeyes on the grill soooooo yummy!!!

Sunday was a bit more laid back.
Breakfast at Cracker Barrell.....Drinks with friends.....and Tcby and acrobatics with his family

We rescued a turtle that was lost and bound to be ran over and took him to a pond full of birds, turtles, and fish!

....... Also I received a surprise!!!

I didn't expect this since we don't have a child together but once again Jeremy proves how amazing he is!! They match the necklace he got me for Christmas!!

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