Thursday, May 9, 2013

Thankful Thursday

It's Thursday...

First of all this week I am thankful that tomorrow is Friday! It has been a long week. We are down from four  people to two this week and I have been really putting in the hours! I am beyond tired!

Second I am thankful for the patience I have been blessed with. I have really had my buttons pushed at work this week and if I were any weaker I would have probably been very ugly to a person or two this week! I just can't relate to rude and lazy people. You can't expect some one to show you respect if you don't show them respect and do you really expect your employer to keep you if you are late, don't come in or refuse to do what you are asked? UGH!!

The sad part is that the disrespectful person didn't really make me so mad when they disrespected me. I can take it I am amazingly strong and people like that's comments mean absolutely 0 to me. What made me mad was when they disrespect others whose feelings get hurt. I would defend a friend faster than myself.

I am looking forward to this weekend though......It's always amazing when I get to spend time with my sweetheart!!!

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