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Things I'm Loving, Latisse, Got2be, Neocutis, Mirabella, Dr Scholls, Eyeko, Pantene

I had big plans to spend the afternoon laying out and hanging around with my Jeremy's cousin! I was excited! I need some sun! No Florida person should be this pale! The weather had other plans. It hasn't that would be to easy. Instead it just turned dark and looks like it could at any minute....even though it has been hours and still hasn't released a drop. I am trying to resist the urge to put on a movie, grab a bowl of ice cream, curl up under a blanket and stay that way till my love gets home tonight.

On the upside of it not raining I was able to put the pups outside where they have spent the afternoon with out coming to the door and beating it down. That has given me time to try and expand my blog audience and my who I follow. I have neglected this lately but I am trying to get back on top.

So on with the blog and today it is Things I am loving!!!

First up: Eyeko skinny liner. I have a review of this on the blog. I love it! I haven't touched my other li…

The weekend, a broken ac, leprechauns, and steak.....

I am so excited for the weekend!! I don't have any plans...hmm that is weird I almost always have plans! But then again the fourth is next week and we have huge amazing plans for that!! 
I am so glad this work week is over. It has been crazier than usual at work! And to top it all off the ac has been acting up so the office has been a sauna! Not good in the Florida heat in a brick building! Everyone has been cranky and tempers and drama have been up! I was so glad to see the ac guy this afternoon!

The upsides to my week: catching up with a friend I had lost contact with all week, coming home on my late night to Jeremy cooking me a dinner of steak, green beans, baked potatoes, garlic bread and shrimp :), having sushi for lunch, and today a gentleman with the last name Fleming called. he had a very thick Irish Brogue. I loved listening to him! It was like I was talking to a leprechaun!! The only thing that could make it better is if he showed up in a green suit with pointy ears, red…

Pet Peeve Wednesday

Hello Hump Day!!!!

So glad to see this day....even though I have to work till 8 tonight :(....

This weeks pet peeve is:

Bad Manners: in Particular smacking when you eat!

Seriously...sitting next to this when you are trying to enjoy your dinner isn't fun. It can put a damper on any meal! And if they talk while doing over. I just can't!!! I can see what is on your plate do I really need to see it when it has been ground down to particles?

I believe in sharing..but there is a line to draw......

Ok vent time over!

Looking forward to another beautiful Florida weekend!! Hope you have an amazing rest of the week!!

Review Eyeko Skinny Liner!!!

Many thanks to my wonderful Birchbox for sending me this product!!!

I love liquid eyeliner!!! I have been leaning toward and using the gel more and more though. I received the Skinny liner in my birchbox and knew I was going to try it immediately. After all eyeliner and mascara are the two make up items I can't live with out!!
The next morning was day one. I put it on....hmm nice even lines, goes on smooth, easy to apply so far so good.

But we all know that with liquid liners that isn't the biggest challenge. The biggest challenges are:

1. Am I going to end up with more of it on my upper eyelid that I do on my lower where I placed it?
2. Are the lines going to stay true and not spread, feather, crack or flake?
3. Is it going to make my eye dry out when the day wears on, causing me to rub it and totally ruin my make up.

These are the reasons I had started wearing gel liner. Because this is what I dealt with using a lot of liquid liners. Keep your fingers crossed while the day w…

Throwback Myspace Survey....Why Not

I was browsing my blog list today and got to a post by:
she stole it from this terribly funny blogger:

It looked like fun so I am stealing it from her....don't worry she said it was ok. Oh and you have complete permission to steal it from me
Has anyone checked out the new myspace? It is all music btw. Totally not the same. I still check on my old myspace sometimes just to laugh and see how I have evolved. my girls were all young teens they are 19, 21, and 22. UGH maybe I should stay away from there now I feel old!!
 Any way on with the show
50 Questions: MySpace Style

1. Do you like blue cheese? Yes

2. Have you ever smoked a cigarette? When I was a teenager I attempted gag gag

3.Do you own a gun? Looking to buy my first but the roomie and the boyfriend have them

4. What flavor do you add to your drink at Sonic? Either watermelon or green apple in my sprite or chocolate in my rootbeer! 

5. Do you get nervous before doctor appointments? A little. I had cancer in 97 so it is always …

No blog time for you.....

I had this amazing idea sinced i don't have to be to work till noon I would take time  to catch up on reading blogs,  commenting,  posting some reviews on products that I've been trying,  and expand my blog following.

Yes that didn't happen.  I worked a couple of late nights this week and haven't had a chance to do much housework.  The house shows it.  There was no putting it off..... the house had to be cleaned it would drive me crazy otherwise!  You would think with all of us writing long hours and days there wouldn't be to much to clean. Heck we only ate at home once this week. We have help though..... these guys!!!

Yea they look all cute right. Don't let them fool you. They are house destroying machines! They can undo all the vacuuming, sweeping, dusting, and sanitizing it takes hours to do in about five minutes! But look at those faces!!! How can you hold a grudge!? I have, however, achieved clean house status....for the most part!
Now I am off to work for…

Thankful Thursday!!!!.....The Nice Gene.....

This week my Thankful Thursday is going to be for a reason that might sound a little egotistical but I promise it isn't!!

This week I am thankful that I am a very nice person! I know it sounds terrible but I have seen people that weren't nice and how they treat people and I am very very thankful I am a very happy person that is nice to pretty much everyone!

 This is especially true at work. In a doctors office, even dermatology, people come in and get bad news. They have questions, they are scared, and they need a nice person to communicate with. I have people that have called and been so irritated with a bill that is wrong or not being able to get through to the right person. By the time I have helped them and done all I can to cheer them up they are such different people.

 So you see my point about how it isn't egotistical. I just am glad that I can make things easier for people and brighten their day a little :) If everyone were more like that this world would be so muc…

Lasers to the face

So tonight I tried something new at work.....laser for pigmentation.
So pretty much they zap you with a laser all over your face. Sounds painful right? It's really not. The scariest part was the sound. It gets a little warm and tingly, but that's about it.
What will it do? Well right now my face looks like this
It looks kind of like I laid out and all my little freckles came out.  They will stay that way for a few days and then just flake off. Leaving me with a more even complexion.  It will also help reduce the appearance of pores. They also used a different hand piece to help with fine lines. With this one they had to heat each part of my face up to 44 degrees Celsius. 
What does it feel like now?  Now a few hours later my face feels fine. No sensitivity or heat at all. My decolletage (chest area), which I also had done and which also had a ton more hyperpigmentation (brown Spots) is a little tender.
Post procedure I will keep it moisturized,  use sunscreen,  and I can us…

Pet Peeve Wednesday...AKA Hump Day

It's hump day and that means it is time for my pet peeve this week!!

Those that wallow in self pity!! I know some people have harder lives than others, I get that. But still I can't stand some one to mope around, take what life has to give them, and not stand up and fight for better! Come on people no one is going to knock on your door and say here is a better life. Sorry for all the hard knocks you have had to take! Get out there and get what you want. If you get knocked down jump your butt right back up!!
OK enough venting!
It is hump day which means we are slap dab in the middle of the last amazing weekend, and the next amazing weekend!!
A little recap of last weekend:
Friday we had dinner at our favorite Outback. The servers there are awesome and we always have such a great time there. Probably why we eat there so often. 
Saturday I met Jeremy for lunch and while we were eating his dad called and invited us to come to Villano beach where they were staying and have dinner …

Neocutis Bio Cream Review

I recently had a TCA chemical peel done. Anyone that has had one of these can tell you that this is serious stuff. I love my glycolic peels and try to get one of those done about once a month. I have a great tolerance for them and have them done at a 70% 1.0......This means they are strong. The TCA peel was wayyyyyy  more than that.

It left my skin looking like it had come through a nuclear blast!! It had taken on a leathery/lizardy appearance! I wasn't worried because that is what they are supposed to do! The important thing to remember during your peel time (usually a few days) is to keep it moisturized and something on it to help it heal.

I had picked up some Neocutis bio cream in a swag bag and decided it was time for it to work its magic if it had any!

First thing I noticed was the fragrance. Ya know when you were little and you would get a new baby doll for Christmas and it smelled like new fresh vinyl? That is what bio cream smells like. Not a bad order just different from …

Network errors and the weekend

I am so ready for the weekend! I have had a hectic hectic week! Last week on Friday which is usually an easy half day for us, I had just gotten to work and got the call from the software company we use for medical records that the day files from the day before were corrupt and they were going to have to do a back up...ok no biggie, back it up....oh well they left out the part where they had to start from the day before and so everything from that day would be deleted!!! The entire day, every appointment made, every appointment cancelled, every payment made, every bill entered, every product sold, every bit of insurance information entered, every medical note....well you get the picture.....I was devastated!!

I began walking through the steps with the guy on the phone when I realized something.... they hadn't performed the back up yet and though a file some where was corrupt they were all still here!!! I sweet talked him into running a few, well quite a few, reports for me and was …

Pet Peeve Wednesday

Today begins a new segment of my blog! Pet Peeve Wednesday!

This will be the day that I list a pet peeve I have and why it bothers me. This weeks Pet Peeve:

Know it all's! to be a little more precise those that when they drink think they know better than you and even if you were trying to tell them it was dark outside they would argue with you.

Not only will they argue points with you that you absolutely know they are wrong about and that they should know they are wrong about they will try to explain it to you:

No it only looks outside because of the angle of the moon. But it is actually light out but since the roundness of the earth is covering where the sun is right now....

Ok not an actual argument I have had some one use but you get the picture right???

Do you have anyone in your life like this? Please share and let me know I am not alone in this!

Bakers Man ....Err Woman

This weekend was my amazing friend Tara's birthday!

Her husband asked me to make her favorite cake...Red Velvet! Ok I have for some reason always been scared of this cake. I have never tried it from a box and yet some how I convinced myself that I was going to bake it from scratch!!!

Ok step 1... research the internet and read reviews and find a totally amazing recipe
Step 2.... Write down all the ingredients I don't already have
Step 3.... Make the trip to the grocery store and get all these ingredients and a new cake        carrier since we will be staying at the hotel that night.
Step 4.... Realize I forgot the list!!! Thankfully I only use for recipes so it was easy to find on my cell phone and I just used that.

Ok I will skip the other steps that were not so funny......

Long story short:

Yes it was amazing!!! We didn't even use plates! we just ate the cake straight off the carrier.
If you have never used I highly suggest you do! It is easy to navigat…