Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Bakers Man ....Err Woman

This weekend was my amazing friend Tara's birthday!

Her husband asked me to make her favorite cake...Red Velvet! Ok I have for some reason always been scared of this cake. I have never tried it from a box and yet some how I convinced myself that I was going to bake it from scratch!!!

Ok step 1... research the internet and read reviews and find a totally amazing recipe
Step 2.... Write down all the ingredients I don't already have
Step 3.... Make the trip to the grocery store and get all these ingredients and a new cake        carrier since we will be staying at the hotel that night.
Step 4.... Realize I forgot the list!!! Thankfully I only use Food.com for recipes so it was easy to find on my cell phone and I just used that.

Ok I will skip the other steps that were not so funny......

Long story short:

Yes it was amazing!!! We didn't even use plates! we just ate the cake straight off the carrier.

If you have never used Food.com I highly suggest you do! It is easy to navigate, lets you create your own cookbooks, you can add reviews and photos, and lots of other wonderful features. Did I mention it is free:)

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