Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Lasers to the face

So tonight I tried something new at work.....laser for pigmentation.

So pretty much they zap you with a laser all over your face. Sounds painful right? It's really not. The scariest part was the sound. It gets a little warm and tingly, but that's about it.

What will it do? Well right now my face looks like this

It looks kind of like I laid out and all my little freckles came out.  They will stay that way for a few days and then just flake off. Leaving me with a more even complexion.  It will also help reduce the appearance of pores. They also used a different hand piece to help with fine lines. With this one they had to heat each part of my face up to 44 degrees Celsius. 

What does it feel like now?  Now a few hours later my face feels fine. No sensitivity or heat at all. My decolletage (chest area), which I also had done and which also had a ton more hyperpigmentation (brown Spots) is a little tender.

Post procedure I will keep it moisturized,  use sunscreen,  and I can use make up as usual:)

I was going to have a different procedure done.  The co2 fractional laser.  You can see it here

Reasons that I'm not doing it right now
1. The down time is almost two weeks
 2. I honestly don't think my skin needs something this extreme

 So keep an eye out because in three days I will post pics of the after!

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