Friday, June 7, 2013

Network errors and the weekend

I am so ready for the weekend! I have had a hectic hectic week! Last week on Friday which is usually an easy half day for us, I had just gotten to work and got the call from the software company we use for medical records that the day files from the day before were corrupt and they were going to have to do a back up...ok no biggie, back it up....oh well they left out the part where they had to start from the day before and so everything from that day would be deleted!!! The entire day, every appointment made, every appointment cancelled, every payment made, every bill entered, every product sold, every bit of insurance information entered, every medical note....well you get the picture.....I was devastated!!

I began walking through the steps with the guy on the phone when I realized something.... they hadn't performed the back up yet and though a file some where was corrupt they were all still here!!! I sweet talked him into running a few, well quite a few, reports for me and was able to print every single thing we did that day!! I feel very guilty because at least one large tree gave it's life for this cause! That was a lot of paper! 

This week I spent a bulk of time re-entering a ton of information, appointments, payments, oh and did I mention that we were unable to enter any for Friday either because they were working on it all day!! Finally Thursday I wound it up and was very glad! 

We have only one provider at work for the next two weeks and guess who is supa happy about that!! This girl!!!

I also have been dealing with a friend that even though I love her is driving me crazy and needs to pull her head out her rear.....It's so stressful when some one you care about isn't exactly thinking or prioritizing like they should. 

This weekend I am going to do a lot of relaxing, tomorrow is shopping, and some pamper me time and Sunday I am taking my bf to WWE! 

Hope every one has a great weekend!!!

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