Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Pet Peeve Wednesday

Today begins a new segment of my blog! Pet Peeve Wednesday!

This will be the day that I list a pet peeve I have and why it bothers me. This weeks Pet Peeve:

Know it all's! to be a little more precise those that when they drink think they know better than you and even if you were trying to tell them it was dark outside they would argue with you.

Not only will they argue points with you that you absolutely know they are wrong about and that they should know they are wrong about they will try to explain it to you:

No it only looks outside because of the angle of the moon. But it is actually light out but since the roundness of the earth is covering where the sun is right now....

Ok not an actual argument I have had some one use but you get the picture right???

Do you have anyone in your life like this? Please share and let me know I am not alone in this!

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