Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Review Eyeko Skinny Liner!!!

Many thanks to my wonderful Birchbox for sending me this product!!!

I love liquid eyeliner!!! I have been leaning toward and using the gel more and more though. I received the Skinny liner in my birchbox and knew I was going to try it immediately. After all eyeliner and mascara are the two make up items I can't live with out!!

The next morning was day one. I put it on....hmm nice even lines, goes on smooth, easy to apply so far so good.

But we all know that with liquid liners that isn't the biggest challenge. The biggest challenges are:

1. Am I going to end up with more of it on my upper eyelid that I do on my lower where I placed it?
2. Are the lines going to stay true and not spread, feather, crack or flake?
3. Is it going to make my eye dry out when the day wears on, causing me to rub it and totally ruin my make up.

These are the reasons I had started wearing gel liner. Because this is what I dealt with using a lot of liquid liners. Keep your fingers crossed while the day wore on:

End of day one and

!. The liner stayed perfectly in place
2. There was no smudging or transfer to my upper lid what so ever
3. I hadn't rubbed my eyes at all due to dryness.

For me this is a big wow because I ALWAYS rub my eyes and ruin my make up about half way through my day which causes me to take most of it off that I have smeared. That defeats the whole purpose of wearing makeup!

I will keep using this product and add it to my must have list.

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