Thursday, June 13, 2013

Thankful Thursday!!!!.....The Nice Gene.....

This week my Thankful Thursday is going to be for a reason that might sound a little egotistical but I promise it isn't!!

This week I am thankful that I am a very nice person! I know it sounds terrible but I have seen people that weren't nice and how they treat people and I am very very thankful I am a very happy person that is nice to pretty much everyone!

 This is especially true at work. In a doctors office, even dermatology, people come in and get bad news. They have questions, they are scared, and they need a nice person to communicate with. I have people that have called and been so irritated with a bill that is wrong or not being able to get through to the right person. By the time I have helped them and done all I can to cheer them up they are such different people.

 So you see my point about how it isn't egotistical. I just am glad that I can make things easier for people and brighten their day a little :) If everyone were more like that this world would be so much more wonderful :)

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