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Pet Peeve Wednesday.....It's all in how you say it

Oh Wednesday...You yourself are a huge pet peeve of mine!!!

Hope everyone is having an amazing week. We only had one provider at work last week and although we were thinking we were going to enjoy the downtime and take it easy in truth, we were bored out of our heads by Wednesday and racing each other to check patients in and answer the phone!! We were more than ready for the chaos to return!!

I have a lot of news and things to share but I will get on to the peeve and share that in my next blog!!

This weeks Pet Peeve:

Improper Grammar....Yes I know we all make mistakes once in a while but some.......

  can be dangerous haha!!
I try not to but sometimes I just want to resend a person their text totally corrected!! It just irks me to no end!!! I used to tell my ex that I corrected him when he spoke because I didn't want him to look like and idiot in public but in truth, it was because it drove me nuts!!!!! Yes!!  I am totally guilty of being the

And lets face it when it is a guy....…

C02 Fractional. End product.... well almost

Ok so I quit posting because well it had kind of plateaud for a while and I want the end pic to really show the results. So tomorrow I will be posting a time line of pics that we took at the office using a camera just for this :) It will show the results so much better than the phone cam pics I have been showing.

I am so excited so stay tuned!!!

Day Six C02 treatment: I attempted make up

Wow I almost look descent again!!! Ok I have make up on in this picture.

 You can still see the redness around my mouth, on my cheeks, and the face is still a bit swollen. What you can't see is that my skin looks pixelated...... It has little dots all over it.  Under my bottom lip is very scaly right now because she hit it with the deep instead of the light/medium. I still am not healed enough to see how much of a difference I will see but everyone at work keeps saying "Wow its going to look amazing!!!"

I am so impatient. I still have to keep moisturizer on pretty thick. I think it will stay that way for a while. I have some itching but nothing as intense as it was that first day it started peeling. I am not getting stared at by everyone anymore either.

Day Five C02 Treatment.........Almost Human again

Wow I almost have skin again!!
My face is still very dry and there are a few brown patches that haven't peeled yet.  I have some itching, mostly when I don't have enough moisture on my face and it is drying out. I still can't see if there is a big difference because even though the brown is mostly gone  I am super red and raw!  This picture doesn't show it at all. 
This one however does!!!

I can't wait for this to be over with!!!

Day Four C02 treatment.....

We have peelage.....Wow the brown is sloughing off like crazy!! You can still see the pattern on my face, even where it has peeled. I am still itching like crazy! I have to keep tons of moisture on it. Thank God for post procedure cream. 
I am not heeled enough to see any difference and my poor face is still swollen. (as you can see)
I had a patient ask me on this day if I would do it again. I know I am supposed to say yes but the truth is at this point, No I wouldn't. If I had the acne scarring or bad discoloration or aging then yes I probably would. But I have none of that. I will see if my thoughts on this change once I am healed though. Who knows it might change.

C02 Laser Treatment. ....Let the itching begin

It itches....oh how it itches. I know that is a sign of it healing but it is so annoying!!!

The grid pattern all over my face has started "sloughing" off. You can see the pink raw skin underneath, and I am slathering on the post treatment cream like crazy to keep it from drying out and/or scarring.

I am still getting "looks" from people in public. Not that I actually go out in public. I have went through three drive thru's, walgreens, and a gas station. That has been the extent of my social life this week. VERY VERY much unlike me.

Jeremy has been so supportive and great through this whole thing. He has cooked dinner on the grill twice since we can't go out and hasn't complained once about any of it, even how horrible I look. I am sure he will be happy to go out this weekend though!!

Pet Peeve Wednesday

Happy Happy end of the Hump day!!! It's almost the weekend baby!!! I would be more excited if my face were done healing yet!! Ugh!!!

Pet Peeve of the day!!!

When some one tries to tell you something funny and interrupt it by laughing every other word or telling you how funny it is every other word. Example:  I remember, teeheehee, one time, oh this is so funny, we were out with our friends, teeheehee.... Ok you have killed it by this time it is not going to be funny because you have made the story totally uninteresting!!

I have some one that I have to deal with on a regular basis that is like this and it drives me nuts. By the time they get to the funny part you aren't even wanting to hear it!

C02 laser Day two...I look horrendous!!!

I look horrible!!! 
Ok it looks crazy right!!! So I informed Jeremy yesterday we would not be leaving the house for a week because I don't want to be seen like this! At work it isn't so bad. They see stuff like this all the time and nothing surprises our patients! They also get to see first hand what they would go through should they have one of these. 
So this morning I had to get gas....No problem I am going to find a pump wayyyy far in the back and use my debit card, pay at the pump, get just enough gas to make it a few days and be done. Great plan. Till I realized that I had forgotten my debit card in my bedroom!! 
The lady behind the counter was very gracious and tried not to stare. Others I had to pass to get to the store and back to my car, not so much. People are so shallow! This did give me some insight into what other people that have to live with things like this every day go through. You will read more of that on my Thankful Thursday blog. 
So all day at work I had…

C02 Laser Day one.......

Yesterday I made a very big decision to try the c02 laser. This is the one that I had said no to when I had my freckles knocked off by a different laser. I will be posting day by day the pictures and my experience for the next two weeks or so.

This was a very hard decision because I did it to look better and yet I am sharing my pics of when I look Horrendous!!! I promise you they are scary!!!

Ok day one:

Ugh!!! I even posted it extra large so you could see the detail. The process required numbing which took about an hour, then came the actual laser. I would definitely suggest taking something else for the pain along with the numbing. I work for the Dermatologist that did the procedure and totally trust her! Otherwise I wouldn't have had this done. 
Ok Some information about the C02....
Cost: any where from about 2500 to 5000. If you live in an area that pays more for things like this I would highly suggest traveling to a different area. It can save you almost half!!! 
Healing tim…

Really Friday?? I thought you and I were Friends.....

It's Friday I am usually the most happy on Friday. Why?

1. I usually work half days
2. It is the first day of my weekend
3. I usually have a lunch set up with a friend
4. Our work load is usually light.

This Friday....Yea not so much...

First the doctor has scheduled an event tonight so instead of starting my weekend at one it won't start till 8 pm...


I woke up late this morning.....Apparently stuffing my cell phone under Jeremy's pillow so the Duke won't get it wasn't a good idea since it is my alarm. Ughh ok have to hurry and get a shower and get ready. So I get in the shower and ...the lights go out..
No way!! I am trying to rush and of course I grab my conditioner first instead of the shampoo, like I need this when I am trying to rush.....Tada the lights are back on.

Ok now to load up all the the stuff that I had to go shopping for last night for today's event at work. Two packs of bottled water, grapes, crackers, cheese, mini cupcakes, etc.…

Thankful Thursday!!

This week I am thankful for......
My Puppy son Duke. This cute little guy is always happy to see me, makes me feel loved, and is so non judgmental! He wakes me every morning with sweet little doggy kisses.

Duke became part of our family under a year ago. My sister not in law Jenna found him. Actually three of them. We went to pick one out but I think we had already decided just from the pictures!!! He was so cute.

He has eaten approx 7 pairs of my shoes, two belts, a couch arm, a cell phone charger, an area rug, knobs off of our dressers, the corner of my dresser drawer, and numerous other items. I will be very glad when he grows out of the chewing stage

He loves being outside and playing with his cousin Dodger!! He also loves treats and napping.

What I've been doing

I have been so busy and haven't had time to stop and blog!! How does that happen??
Pics 1 and 2. Independence way was spent at the Crowne Plaza downtown on the river. this was the view from our balcony. It was also right in front of the barges that they shot the fireworks off of. We had an amazing view as you can tell from pics 5 and 6. 
Pic 4 The wine bottles that some girls had when we were sitting at the bar. They were so huge!!!

Pic 5  We cooked so much food!! Four slabs of friends, an eight pound boston butt, potato salad, mac and cheese, cupcakes, meatball subs, ...I can't even remember what else!! About the time we got it all down to the tables it started pouring!! We all huddled up under the canopy and had a great meal.

Pics 6 and 7 The fireworks!! They were amazing!!!
Pic 8  I spent Saturday morning at the beach with my parent's I love the Jetties. There aren't many beaches left around here that you can drive on. 
Pic 9, 10, and 11
Saturday afternoon I spent …