Tuesday, July 16, 2013

C02 Laser Day one.......

Yesterday I made a very big decision to try the c02 laser. This is the one that I had said no to when I had my freckles knocked off by a different laser. I will be posting day by day the pictures and my experience for the next two weeks or so.

This was a very hard decision because I did it to look better and yet I am sharing my pics of when I look Horrendous!!! I promise you they are scary!!!

Ok day one:

Ugh!!! I even posted it extra large so you could see the detail. The process required numbing which took about an hour, then came the actual laser. I would definitely suggest taking something else for the pain along with the numbing. I work for the Dermatologist that did the procedure and totally trust her! Otherwise I wouldn't have had this done. 

Ok Some information about the C02....

Cost: any where from about 2500 to 5000. If you live in an area that pays more for things like this I would highly suggest traveling to a different area. It can save you almost half!!! 

Healing time: This depends on which you get. The light to medium (the one I had) takes around 3-5 days for public downtime how ever I can stay pink for up to two months. This can be covered by makeup though. The light/med can be used for fine lines, dark spots, large pores, etc. 

Deep takes longer usually 5 to 10 days for public downtime. The pinkness varies on this one as well. The deep also gets bloody pin prick looking spots all over. It is very ablative and deep!! The deep can be used for deeper wrinkles, acne scarring etc. 

After the procedure there was a lot of heat...I mean A LOT!!!! You can't put an ice pack directly on the skin so I had to wrap it in a towel to protect my skin. It took about three hours for the heat to go down enough to be tolerable. 

No pain. After the heat died down I was surprised at how little pain there was. I mean look at it!!!

Care: I have to keep a post procedure balm on for the first three days, wash by patting my face with a gentle cleanser, NO RUBBING OR WIPING, and keeping it clean. 

See you tomorrow for Day two :)

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