Friday, July 19, 2013

C02 Laser Treatment. ....Let the itching begin

It itches....oh how it itches. I know that is a sign of it healing but it is so annoying!!!

The grid pattern all over my face has started "sloughing" off. You can see the pink raw skin underneath, and I am slathering on the post treatment cream like crazy to keep it from drying out and/or scarring.

I am still getting "looks" from people in public. Not that I actually go out in public. I have went through three drive thru's, walgreens, and a gas station. That has been the extent of my social life this week. VERY VERY much unlike me.

Jeremy has been so supportive and great through this whole thing. He has cooked dinner on the grill twice since we can't go out and hasn't complained once about any of it, even how horrible I look. I am sure he will be happy to go out this weekend though!!


  1. Thats really sweet of your husband! Aesthetic lasers time is when you need a lot of support and care. You are indeed blessed to be with the right man! :)

  2. He is my boyfriend not husband but yes he is an amazing guy and I am very very blessed to have him :)