Thursday, July 25, 2013

Day Six C02 treatment: I attempted make up

Wow I almost look descent again!!! Ok I have make up on in this picture.

 You can still see the redness around my mouth, on my cheeks, and the face is still a bit swollen. What you can't see is that my skin looks pixelated...... It has little dots all over it.  Under my bottom lip is very scaly right now because she hit it with the deep instead of the light/medium. I still am not healed enough to see how much of a difference I will see but everyone at work keeps saying "Wow its going to look amazing!!!"

I am so impatient. I still have to keep moisturizer on pretty thick. I think it will stay that way for a while. I have some itching but nothing as intense as it was that first day it started peeling. I am not getting stared at by everyone anymore either.


  1. for the love of the lordt sugar...

    1. It was totally worth it in the end. My skin looks so good.

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