Wednesday, July 17, 2013

C02 laser Day two...I look horrendous!!!

I look horrible!!! 

Ok it looks crazy right!!! So I informed Jeremy yesterday we would not be leaving the house for a week because I don't want to be seen like this! At work it isn't so bad. They see stuff like this all the time and nothing surprises our patients! They also get to see first hand what they would go through should they have one of these. 

So this morning I had to get gas....No problem I am going to find a pump wayyyy far in the back and use my debit card, pay at the pump, get just enough gas to make it a few days and be done. Great plan. Till I realized that I had forgotten my debit card in my bedroom!! 

The lady behind the counter was very gracious and tried not to stare. Others I had to pass to get to the store and back to my car, not so much. People are so shallow! This did give me some insight into what other people that have to live with things like this every day go through. You will read more of that on my Thankful Thursday blog. 

So all day at work I had people ask which treatment I had and what it was for etc. I love answering their questions and being a source of information!! So if you have any feel free to ask away!!

Day two pain level is minimal. I am crusty as heck and have to keep stuff on my face so it heals nicely. It is itchy in some places but not to bad so far. My skin is swelled and very tight, It hurts to open my mouth to far. 

It is still to early to notice improvements but I am excited!!!

Foot note. Technically day two doesn't end till this afternoon around one. This morning I woke and took my shower which takes longer due to the procedure. I am just starting to see slight flaking off of the brown "grid" I was thinking down time three to five days come on it has to be better than this. I also had to remind myself that technically it had been just a few hours over 36. I have to be patient and patience is not a strong point of mine I am an instant gratification kind of girl.

This afternoon I go from using the thick vaseline type salve to a healing cream! I am excited! I hate having my face feel like an oil spill!

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  1. I think it is wonderful that you go through all of this not only for your benefit, but so you can be a first hand source of information to the people who may need this most! It will all be over soon and you will look more beautiful that you did before this! Love ya cuz!