Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Pet Peeve Wednesday.....It's all in how you say it

Oh Wednesday...You yourself are a huge pet peeve of mine!!!

Hope everyone is having an amazing week. We only had one provider at work last week and although we were thinking we were going to enjoy the downtime and take it easy in truth, we were bored out of our heads by Wednesday and racing each other to check patients in and answer the phone!! We were more than ready for the chaos to return!!

I have a lot of news and things to share but I will get on to the peeve and share that in my next blog!!

This weeks Pet Peeve:

Improper Grammar....Yes I know we all make mistakes once in a while but some.......

  can be dangerous haha!!

I try not to but sometimes I just want to resend a person their text totally corrected!! It just irks me to no end!!! I used to tell my ex that I corrected him when he spoke because I didn't want him to look like and idiot in public but in truth, it was because it drove me nuts!!!!! Yes!!  I am totally guilty of being the

And lets face it when it is a guy.....there is just something so much more attractive about  a guy that is intelligent!!

Now excuse me while I go through this blog to make sure I am not making a fool of my self. :)

What are your pet peeves this week??

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