Friday, July 12, 2013

Really Friday?? I thought you and I were Friends.....

It's Friday I am usually the most happy on Friday. Why?

1. I usually work half days
2. It is the first day of my weekend
3. I usually have a lunch set up with a friend
4. Our work load is usually light.

This Friday....Yea not so much...

First the doctor has scheduled an event tonight so instead of starting my weekend at one it won't start till 8 pm...


I woke up late this morning.....Apparently stuffing my cell phone under Jeremy's pillow so the Duke won't get it wasn't a good idea since it is my alarm. Ughh ok have to hurry and get a shower and get ready. So I get in the shower and ...the lights go out..
No way!! I am trying to rush and of course I grab my conditioner first instead of the shampoo, like I need this when I am trying to rush.....Tada the lights are back on.

Ok now to load up all the the stuff that I had to go shopping for last night for today's event at work. Two packs of bottled water, grapes, crackers, cheese, mini cupcakes, etc. Is it quitting time yet??? Darn!

Oh heck I forgot to get gas last night. Now I have to stop at the gas station. Grab the pump, run my card....please see cashier....UGGGGGGHHHHH.... Go inside the store, wait in line, he says you have to go hang the pump up or I can't reset it, go back out hang the pump up, go back in and pay, pump my gas......

Yea lets see what else the day can hold for me. Do I dare ask???

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