Thursday, July 11, 2013

Thankful Thursday!!

This week I am thankful for......

My Puppy son Duke. This cute little guy is always happy to see me, makes me feel loved, and is so non judgmental! He wakes me every morning with sweet little doggy kisses.

Duke became part of our family under a year ago. My sister not in law Jenna found him. Actually three of them. We went to pick one out but I think we had already decided just from the pictures!!! He was so cute.

He has eaten approx 7 pairs of my shoes, two belts, a couch arm, a cell phone charger, an area rug, knobs off of our dressers, the corner of my dresser drawer, and numerous other items. I will be very glad when he grows out of the chewing stage

He loves being outside and playing with his cousin Dodger!! He also loves treats and napping.

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