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Thing's I'm lovin....Organix, Skin Care, Balls!

These loving's are few compared to the tons I usually list but I haven't tried to many new things lately. I will have to change that this week! 
First up:  Woolzies Dryer Balls:  The wonderful Jenna got these to try. I read the box, reduces drying time by 25%....LOL ok what ever...So I toss the six balls in the dryer and set the dryer for 25% less time thinking I am going to have to turn it back on and finish the drying time. To my surprise they were dry!! WOW these six little balls can save you a ton on your electric bill!! I am very impressed
Second up: 
Organix Macadamia oil Shampoo and Conditioner My hair feels so amazing! Soft, shiny, and smells super yummy!! The conditioner is my favorite! Goes on like a cream but coats like an oil. Then rinses clean leaving my hair feeling awesome!! I will be trying other Organix products very soon!!
Third up:
Our skin care line at work. This line is awesome and has a great price tag on it as well! I have been using it for about two months…

Co2re the final review......

As promised I am posting the final review. I have decided to do it in video format because of how many pictures there are to it.

If you are looking to have this procedure done I highly recommend it.

Before you have it done here are some tips:

1.  Have realistic expectations. It is not going to make you look like a new person, just more like the old you.

2.  Make sure you know what you are looking at for downtime. I didn't have to take time off from work because I work in the dermatologist office. but you may not have that luxury.

3. The worse part is the heat you feel after the procedure. If they don't provide vinegar diluted compresses make some ahead of time and bring them with you. That will take the heat out faster.

4. Keep moisture on it as directed!! Even after week three I am finding my skin needs more than it did before because it is still healing.

5. Keep hand sanitizer with you. You don't realize how much you touch your face till you shouldn't be and with it …

Stay positive

I know it's pet peeve day but I am just not feeling it today. I want to think only positive!!  This is so hard to do when there's so much complaining and negativity around me!

So today I am posting only the things in my life that are positive!

1. Work has turned crazy!  We have so many activities going on and even though it's nuts I'm loving it!!  I love that my boss is such a visionary and isn't afraid to jump in and make these visions become a reality!!  I also love that she includes all of us in her plans!

2. My grandson continues to improve rapidly and is pretty much back to normal!  God is so Good!!

3. My diet is going well. I even turned down cronuts for fruit! That was very hard to do!

4. A relationship that I was very concerned about was saved because the person put their pride aside and were honest with me. That meant a lot to me because it took a lot for them to do that :)

5. We finally books our cruise!!!! Six days alone time with my baby!!  No phones,…

Lips, Crowns, Lashes, Perfume, Cupcakes, and Vodka Sauce

Things I'm Loving right now!!!!

1. The beautiful crown ring given to me by equally beautiful friend Mrs Kelly Robbins!! Aka Mrs US Galaxy. She and I met by pure fate and I am so blessed to have this amazing woman as a friend! She is competing in the Mrs Galaxy pageant this weekend! Everyone wish her luck!!!!
2. Bertolli Vodka sauce!! This stuff is so yummy in baked ziti!!! And my boyfriend makes the best!!!
3. Ultherapy!!! I have never had an upper lip! Ever!!! I had this done on the 12th of July and boom instant lip. I love that it uses sound waves not anything else!! No injectables, no pain, and best of all, no duck lips!!!!  You should definitely check this out if you have the same issue!!
4. Luv Me perfume!! I am addicted to this! I buy it every time I can find it!!! 
5. Ok this one is misleading. It's not eating cupcakes, it is creating them!!! I love love love making cupcakes!!!
6. So during the picture taking of the C02 fractional the girls were amazed at the difference…

My Grandson and his miracle

I have had quite a bit of highs and lows this week! Just when it seems all is right with the world....BAM!!!

My oldest daughter turned 23 yesterday!! I can't believe she is that old.....that I am that old!!!!! Where has the time gone? And she is expecting her third child, my third grandchild in November?? Geez, get the oxygen and the walker ready for me!!!!

She lives in Tennessee and was going to come to Florida to spend her birthday. What a great thing! I was so excited. Then at the end of last week she called me...Mom, a shelf fell over on Logan (youngest grandson) and they are rushing him to the ER. I can't even tell you the emotions that flooded me! he going to be ok?, poor little girl going through this, guilt....I am not there!! After a few grueling hours of sitting, waiting, and praying I get the next call. He has fractures in his face and skull and they are air lifting him to Vanderbilt in Nashville. The worse parts after this were the pictures!!…

Thankful Thursday!!! Don't snub your fellow man

Hello friends! It's Thursday and for that alone I am thankful! It has been a crazy week and I am ending this week more stressed than I have ever been!! Tomorrow is a half day and woo hoo this girl is so ready!!

But seriously this week I am thankful for:

Today while talking to a patient we were talking about how people take things for granted and how some people think they are better than others. My comment was that they put their feet on the floor when they get out of bed just like we do. We then got on the subject of having things others don't and how thankful we were for things. The bed being one of them. 
I know when we thing about this we think about third world countries that we see pictures of on tv. Children sleeping in the dirt or at best a thread bare blanket on the dirt or floor. But there are so many here in our own towns that don't have a bed or a home. We always Ahhh at the child on tv but when we pass the homeless in our own streets we turn our heads and mum…