Friday, August 2, 2013

Lips, Crowns, Lashes, Perfume, Cupcakes, and Vodka Sauce

Things I'm Loving right now!!!!

1. The beautiful crown ring given to me by equally beautiful friend Mrs Kelly Robbins!! Aka Mrs US Galaxy. She and I met by pure fate and I am so blessed to have this amazing woman as a friend! She is competing in the Mrs Galaxy pageant this weekend! Everyone wish her luck!!!!

2. Bertolli Vodka sauce!! This stuff is so yummy in baked ziti!!! And my boyfriend makes the best!!!

3. Ultherapy!!! I have never had an upper lip! Ever!!! I had this done on the 12th of July and boom instant lip. I love that it uses sound waves not anything else!! No injectables, no pain, and best of all, no duck lips!!!!  You should definitely check this out if you have the same issue!!

4. Luv Me perfume!! I am addicted to this! I buy it every time I can find it!!! 

5. Ok this one is misleading. It's not eating cupcakes, it is creating them!!! I love love love making cupcakes!!!

6. So during the picture taking of the C02 fractional the girls were amazed at the difference in the length of my lashes from one to the next.. The difference was this stuff!! It is absolutely a must have!!!

So I have shared what I am loving.....What are you loving??

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