Wednesday, August 7, 2013

Stay positive

I know it's pet peeve day but I am just not feeling it today. I want to think only positive!!  This is so hard to do when there's so much complaining and negativity around me!

So today I am posting only the things in my life that are positive!

1. Work has turned crazy!  We have so many activities going on and even though it's nuts I'm loving it!!  I love that my boss is such a visionary and isn't afraid to jump in and make these visions become a reality!!  I also love that she includes all of us in her plans!

2. My grandson continues to improve rapidly and is pretty much back to normal!  God is so Good!!

3. My diet is going well. I even turned down cronuts for fruit! That was very hard to do!

4. A relationship that I was very concerned about was saved because the person put their pride aside and were honest with me. That meant a lot to me because it took a lot for them to do that :)

5. We finally books our cruise!!!! Six days alone time with my baby!!  No phones, no interruptions, just us!!!

What are your positives???

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