Thursday, August 1, 2013

Thankful Thursday!!! Don't snub your fellow man

Hello friends! It's Thursday and for that alone I am thankful! It has been a crazy week and I am ending this week more stressed than I have ever been!! Tomorrow is a half day and woo hoo this girl is so ready!!

But seriously this week I am thankful for:

Today while talking to a patient we were talking about how people take things for granted and how some people think they are better than others. My comment was that they put their feet on the floor when they get out of bed just like we do. We then got on the subject of having things others don't and how thankful we were for things. The bed being one of them. 

I know when we thing about this we think about third world countries that we see pictures of on tv. Children sleeping in the dirt or at best a thread bare blanket on the dirt or floor. But there are so many here in our own towns that don't have a bed or a home. We always Ahhh at the child on tv but when we pass the homeless in our own streets we turn our heads and mumble get a job. We don't know their story and some of them might not have that option. 

Don't snub your fellow man. There but for the grace of God could go you!

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