Sunday, September 8, 2013

Let's Play Catch Up

I have neglected my poor poor blog so much the past couple of weeks. I have been a busy busy girl and my evening time has consisted of coming home, making/ordering/picking up dinner, going to bed.

Work has turned crazy and I have been working on brochures, websites, a fundraiser, an upcoming expo, and doing the everyday part of the job. It is all worth it. I have a great boss and we have been really having fun putting together the brochures! We start in the early afternoon and next thing we know it is 7 at night!
This is what I have felt like the past two weeks if we could take the baby away and add three dogs and the boyfriend. 

I am very excited about our fundraiser/open house. We are doing an event called "Purse with a Purpose". It benefits a local organization that helps women being affected by domestic violence. If you want to learn more you can go to We will be having wine tasting, chair massages, raffles, door prizes etc! Lots of fun!!

On a happier note our vacation starts in four days!! Well mine does. Our cruise is in eight days! I am very excited and a little nervous. We have been together well over a year but with as much as we both work we hardly get to spend any time together. I am a little worried about what will happen when we are on a boat together for six days! Neither of us are very needy and neither mind alone time so how will react to all this us time?? It's a little scary!!

I am hoping it goes a little like this

Yea a girl can dream can't she!!

Hope every one has an amazing week!!

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