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Catching up after the Cruise

I started this blog addition a couple of weeks ago and here a month after our cruise I have yet to post a single word. I have been so busy! Things are starting to wind down now but I am sure they will be amped right back up with the holidays right around the corner!!

The night before our cruise Jeremy decided to make me grill steaks which is usually his job. I started them and made a couple of trips out on the deck with all three pups in tow to check on them. At the time they should have been done I asked him to come check them and with in two steps he had stepped on a nail and put it all the way in his foot!!! Not just any nail but a rusty corroded gross roofing nail. How he found it with in two steps when my two feet and the pups 12 paws never did I will never figure out. I made him pull it out ( I have no stomach for things like that) and I cleaned it up for him, put the food away and headed out to the ER for a tetanus shot. Needless to say this took up the bulk of the night that I…

Update on my Grandson Logan

I would like to thank everyone that prayed for my Grandson Logan and our family while he was going through the whole ordeal and was in ICU.

My daughter called me yesterday after taking him to the "brain doctor" as she called him. He has received a clean bill of health and will not require any surgery! I am beyond happy and feeling extremely blessed by this news.

I know we have every one that helped us with prayer in that time! God is good and his miracles never cease to amaze me!!

This is a picture of Logi and Riley that Kim sent me today. I can't wait till November when I can give these guys a huge hug and see their little sister that will be born the day before Thanksgiving!!

So much going on!!!!

I know I have slacked terribly!!! But a week cruising to the Bahamas, coming home for one hour and leaving to spend a couple of days in Fort Lauderdale, followed by a huge event we had at work three days after I returned from that trip, and joining a gym and actually going make a girl wore out!!

Things are finally winding down and my boss doesn't have anything big on the horizon...( I think) so I will be able to catch things up and fill everyone in!

I have so many things to share and so many things to review and update everyone on! So many products that I picked up and learned about at the Spa conference!! I can't wait to start the reviews!!

I am going to be updating my blog this weekend! Can't wait to see everyone then!