Tuesday, December 31, 2013

New Years Resolutions and such.....

The year is over?? How did that happen? It was just the other day that we were ringing in 2013!

So I have been thinking about plausible resolutions that I will actually keep this year. No I am not going to shop less, sleep more, go out less....... Let's face it I will never stick with any of those! I have come up with a few that I will stick with and think I can manage.

1. Stay in touch with my family more than I do. My kids I can talk to every day no problem but siblings, parents, etc.... not so much. I have Aunts here in town that I adore and in the past two years since I have moved back home to Florida I have not seen them. I am a terrible niece!

2. Stick to going to the gym. The bad part about this one is that I can do this. I have no problem getting motivated going to the gym and was doing great at it till the holidays hit. Then it was rush rush rush. Trips to Tennessee, going to parties, etc. That time is over and I see the summer in my near future!

3. Keep my blog updated more often. I have been a terrible slacker at this!!! I vow to share at least 1 product review a week, 1 update on what I have been doing a week, and add segments that I will keep up as well. :)

I am sure there are many others that I should add but why if I have no intention on keeping them?

What are your New Year's resolutions???

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