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Would you mind wiping off your gross man juice...Pet Peeve Wednesday

I don't know about other gyms but at the one I belong to there are spray bottles and paper towels about every other step. The idea is simple.............
My gym partner and I were waiting on a machine to become available earlier this week. The person using it happened to be a very sweaty large individual. He gets done and we wait thinking that he is just going to get the items he needs to clean the machine. I watch as he makes his way over AND PAST where they are...... did he not see them? is he going to get the next set? Why is he going in the locker room? Did he really just leave a gallon of his gross sweat on this machine that I want to use?????  UGH HE DID!!!!
I was irritated and wanted to find him, drag him back to the machine, force him to clean it while lecturing him about the etiquette of gym machine use, and make him wear a scarlet letter for all to see his shame. In reality me going into the locker room would probably have led t…

Things I am loving...Hello Darling's $12 Fleece lined leggings

Being a bigger girl I have shied away from leggings. I always thought I would look very funny in them and end up on the People of Walmart website if I wore them out in public.

Last week I took the plunge and purchased my first pair from Hello Darling's Boutique!

I have an issue with women who wear them and they are stretched so thin you can see through them so these seemed like a good idea since they are fleece lined.

I took them to Tennessee with me and paired them with a sweater dress I purchased a while back and had never worn and my boots. I am in love!! They not only fit me well but were nice and warm in the cold Tennessee weather! And comfortable! I wore them to church followed with a trip to Chuck E Cheese where I chased after my grandsons!

Hello Darling also has a beautiful selection of tops that look amazing with the leggings!! Be sure to check them out!!!

A wine rack and some curling irons......and Tada

Several months ago...okay it may have been a year.... Jenna gave me an Ikea wine rack that I had this great idea for. Somehow it has taken me this long to create this wonderful gadget even though it only took me about ten minutes to do so. I am such a procrastinator!!! 
I started off with the wine rack. 
Pretty Simply, Pretty basic. 
I found a wire clothes hanger and created a hanging hook for it. This was the hard part. I DESPISE wire hangers. My children call me Mommy Dearest due to my extreme prejudice against them. No I never went to that extreme they just think they are funny kids. 

It's not the prettiest hook but it will do
Next I hung it on my dresser mirror, and Voila!!!!

A wonderful holder that I can use even when they are hot and don't have to worry about burning anything! I think this is one of my favorite ideas!!!

Tennessee for the weekend

Last weekend I was able to visit my family. It was the first time our entire family had been together in about 8 years! It was quite a blessing!

One Mom and Dad, Three children, two in-laws through the children, 7 of the 8 grandchildren, two in-laws through them and 1 boyfriend, and 6 great grand children. It was a full house! I am sure my parents were happy to see us come but even happier to see us all go home!

While I was in town I was able to hear my son in law deliver God's word at a neighboring  church! What a blessing, he was fabulous! Of course I may be a bit biased here. The church itself was quite old and I loved it. Built in 1867!

It is no secret that I am a kid at heart! I have been threatening to kidnap strange kids so that I can go to Chuck E Cheese. I would return them well fed and tired, honest! Well this past weekend after church I had my very own grandchildren to take! We had such a good time!!

It was such a great time! I wish I were closer so we could do this eve…

Suspended Coffee.....

I ran across this site through Face Book a few weeks ago and have been following it closely ever since. Not only is the concept so simple yet astounding, they also profile and share other acts of kindness and generosity. I myself have a bit of a Superwoman complex. This is such an easy way of helping.
Their Mission: Every once in a while an idea comes along with the potential to truly make the world a better place. Suspended Coffee is one of those ideas. First, it’s simple. You walk into a coffee shop and instead of buying just one cup of coffee, you buy two, or more. You buy one for yourself and one for someone in need. Second, it’s direct. You do not need to worry if your money is going to actually help someone or just to take care of a charity organization and it’s overhead and expenses. You also do not need to worry whether or not your recipient will use your gift to buy alcohol or drugs. You can directly control which food or beverage you would like to donate. Third, it’s win-win. Yo…

Take an Extra 50% off at Forever 21!

Forever 21 is now taking an additional 50% off the prices of their clearance items with the code EXTRA50!!

I am in love with this sale!!! Act quick though some of the things I saw this morning that I wanted are already gone!

Things I am loving....Bem (pronounced Beam)

I am not easily impressed when it comes to speakers for my phone. I have had a few and not any of them have delivered what I was looking for. 
This Christmas I received the Bem (pronounced Beam) Bluetooth mobile speaker at our company party. I took it home and put it to the side for a few days. Never really giving it much thought. A few days later while putting some stuff away I ran across it again and decided to charge it up and give it a try.
Let me just say I was blown away! The sound that comes out of that little black cube is sensational! I was very impressed. While obviously it won't be mistaken for your surround sound it also will never be confused for one of those sketchy little portable speakers either!
I use my Bem when I am cleaning house because I can just pick up the little box and move it from room to room, but I can't wait for this summer when I can use it at the beach! No more leaving my car doors open at the beach I can park on or carrying a radio when I have t…

Thankful Thursday.....

There are so many things that I am thankful for at this point in time that I could go on forever! So this week I am going to use a post I put on facebook this week.

I am so thankful that when it is cold outside I have a car that protects me from the elements and that it has a very good heater that keeps me warm. I am thankful that when the weather turns hot I will be in that car with, God willing, AC, and tinted windows.
Every time I pass a bus stop, someone walking, or a homeless person I am reminded of how blessed I truly am and that without the grace of God that it could be me out there cold or hot. So many times we get used to what we have that we tend to take it for granted and not realize how fortunate we are to have the things we are blessed with! Things like running water, clean water, food, a roof, a floor, transportation, even clothing and shoes.

 I challenge everyone to find at least one thing each day that they take for granted! What is yours today?
It’s pet peeve Wednesday! The day that I can use to vent and actually feel like I am just sharing my pet peeves with people!

With the BCS Championship game being this week naturally my Pet Peeve is going to be game related. People with small children that bring them to a sports bar on the day of a big game!
Ok I know the place allows kids, and that you were having dinner, but seriously sometimes you have to let your parent wisdom and good judgment prevail and make an executive decision. Like hmm it’s a championship game, people are drinking, they are going to be yelling (cussing),  so maybe we should choose a different place to dine.  Also let me point out that the game did not start till 8:30 at night.
I know you have the right to go where ever you wish with your family to have dinner but come on! Do you really think the whole place is going to stay under control because you are there? I in no way think that people should be able to use foul language and hostile comments in front…

Seminole Pride!!

Though my blog does not reflect it, unlike every other social media outlet I am a member of, I am a huge Seminole's fan. That being said last night was the BIGGEST night of the season!! Not just the BCS championship, but the FINAL BCS championship!!

The Seminoles have had an amazing season! Ranked #1 with a 14-0 season, two players nominated for the Heisman, one a 19 year old freshman, winning it, and not just winning all 14 games but winning them by at the least 14 points and at the most 66 points. It all comes down to the final game of the year. The championship game against #2 Auburn whose record is 12-2.

I bought a new pair of shoes for the occasion while I was in Panama City, and Jeremy bought me a new FSU shirt, had my nails done..... well you get the picture. I really get into it! Finally game day came!!!

We went to the Ale House which is where we pretty much go if we are going to hang out and watch a game or meet friends. It is nice when you walk in and they know your na…

Happy New Years!!!

Usually I am all for getting dressed up, going out, counting down the New Year. This year how ever we have been running so much, and had to work till six on New Years eve. I just honestly was ready to take advantage of all that and have a slow, laid back kind of night! We decided to have dinner with friends, head to the house, and bring in the New Year on the couch. 

We started out trying to have dinner at Durama's. Our favorite Japanese Steak house! It was so packed and the line was so long that we decided to try a new place. The Copper Tap House!

The atmosphere here was great. I loved the whole decor, lighting and etc. We ordered our appetizers and the queso dip was amazing. Step two soup and salads, the Chicken tortilla soup was perfection,  also were great! I highly recommend these to anyone! Then came the disappointing part. 

The dinner...... I ordered the island sliders,  the Hawaiian Beef w/ pineapple was dry, and over cooked. The Cheese and pineapple on it were cold and unapp…


It's cold!!! I don't mean 55 degrees and the sun hasn't come out and warmed us up yet cold! I mean in the low thirties, wind chill in the twenties,  bone chilling, I didn't wanna get out of bed, I am freezing kind of cold. Have I mentioned that I am not a fan of being cold?? Jack Frost and I .... let's just say we are not friends.

If it is going to be this cold I insist on snow, hot cocoa, a fire in the fireplace and cuddling on the couch!! I live in Florida not Alaska! I didn't sign up for this!

Ok now that I am done whining and have that rant out of my way I feel so much better....or I would if I weren't so cold!

Pet Peeve Wednesday...."The Snatcher"

I haven't done this segment in a while but since I have ran across a previously untouched pet peeve this week I thought it would be a great time to revive it!!
This week's Pet Peeve is " The Snatcher" 

You know the type they ask you for something then the second you go to hand it to them they snatch it out of your hand!  I have to deal with one every once in a while and on top of this she is very snotty! Makes me want to snatch things back out of her hands! The biggest pain of all with these people is that there is no " Thank you" given after they have snatched something you are handing them.
I want so bad to do the same thing to her but I am sure she would not even realize that she does it on the daily and would think I am just being a .....well you know!!
Do you have a "Snatcher" in your life? How do you cope with them?