Saturday, January 25, 2014

A wine rack and some curling irons......and Tada

Several months ago...okay it may have been a year.... Jenna gave me an Ikea wine rack that I had this great idea for. Somehow it has taken me this long to create this wonderful gadget even though it only took me about ten minutes to do so. I am such a procrastinator!!! 

I started off with the wine rack. 

Pretty Simply, Pretty basic. 

I found a wire clothes hanger and created a hanging hook for it. This was the hard part. I DESPISE wire hangers. My children call me Mommy Dearest due to my extreme prejudice against them. No I never went to that extreme they just think they are funny kids. 

It's not the prettiest hook but it will do

Next I hung it on my dresser mirror, and Voila!!!!

A wonderful holder that I can use even when they are hot and don't have to worry about burning anything! I think this is one of my favorite ideas!!!

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