Saturday, January 4, 2014

Happy New Years!!!

Usually I am all for getting dressed up, going out, counting down the New Year. This year how ever we have been running so much, and had to work till six on New Years eve. I just honestly was ready to take advantage of all that and have a slow, laid back kind of night! We decided to have dinner with friends, head to the house, and bring in the New Year on the couch. 

We started out trying to have dinner at Durama's. Our favorite Japanese Steak house! It was so packed and the line was so long that we decided to try a new place. The Copper Tap House!

The atmosphere here was great. I loved the whole decor, lighting and etc. We ordered our appetizers and the queso dip was amazing. Step two soup and salads, the Chicken tortilla soup was perfection,  also were great! I highly recommend these to anyone! Then came the disappointing part. 

The dinner...... I ordered the island sliders,  the Hawaiian Beef w/ pineapple was dry, and over cooked. The Cheese and pineapple on it were cold and unappealing. Kalua Pig was great. Pulled pork on a slider bun with a tangy sauce. The Scallop Burger w/cilantro-lime mayo....well the description was misleading it was a crab cake with scallops instead of crab so it was pretty much bread between bread. The cilantro lime sauce was very tasty and I loved it just not the slider it was on. 

My friend Tara ordered  Cuban Pan-Fried Whole-Tail Snapper A South Florida favorite which features the whole snapper covered with flour, paprika, cumin and salt and pepper and pan-fried until crispy. Served with Black Bean Mango salad.Ok so I have had a whole fish before but not like this:

Yes that is the entire fish sitting on the plate with it's mouth open and looking like it is about to swim off the plate. They said it was quite tasty though :) I found it quite intimidating!  

Other items I was a little disappointed in were:

The Half roasted chicken. I almost ordered this as I was looking for something on the lighter side. I was very glad I didn't it came with seriously a 5 pound bag of potatoes mashed and loaded!!

There were other high and low spots of the dinner. But for the most part I would highly suggest the appetizers, salad, and soup but would shy away from the entrees. 

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