Wednesday, January 8, 2014

It’s pet peeve Wednesday! The day that I can use to vent and actually feel like I am just sharing my pet peeves with people!

With the BCS Championship game being this week naturally my Pet Peeve is going to be game related.
People with small children that bring them to a sports bar on the day of a big game!

Ok I know the place allows kids, and that you were having dinner, but seriously sometimes you have to let your parent wisdom and good judgment prevail and make an executive decision. Like hmm it’s a championship game, people are drinking, they are going to be yelling (cussing),  so maybe we should choose a different place to dine.  Also let me point out that the game did not start till 8:30 at night.

I know you have the right to go where ever you wish with your family to have dinner but come on! Do you really think the whole place is going to stay under control because you are there? I in no way think that people should be able to use foul language and hostile comments in front of children, but I also think it is the parents responsibility to judge a situation and decide it isn’t a good one to take their children into.

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