Tuesday, January 7, 2014

Seminole Pride!!

Though my blog does not reflect it, unlike every other social media outlet I am a member of, I am a huge Seminole's fan. That being said last night was the BIGGEST night of the season!! Not just the BCS championship, but the FINAL BCS championship!!

The Seminoles have had an amazing season! Ranked #1 with a 14-0 season, two players nominated for the Heisman, one a 19 year old freshman, winning it, and not just winning all 14 games but winning them by at the least 14 points and at the most 66 points. It all comes down to the final game of the year. The championship game against #2 Auburn whose record is 12-2.

I bought a new pair of shoes for the occasion while I was in Panama City, and Jeremy bought me a new FSU shirt, had my nails done..... well you get the picture. I really get into it! Finally game day came!!!


We went to the Ale House which is where we pretty much go if we are going to hang out and watch a game or meet friends. It is nice when you walk in and they know your name and your drink....ok my cousin once told me it was sad when we walked in for lunch and Sean the bartender said hi Susan Pomegranate Margarita? But I like feeling welcomed and love that I get spoiled by the bartenders! I might add that we get this same treatment when we visit at least 3 other local places. Ok back to the game!! The place was packed and there were so many Noles fans with a sprinkling of Auburn fans here and there. 

The game started slow. I learned in the time span of 3 quarters that I am not a nice person when it comes to football and my team is losing and needs to pull it together. I am even worse when there is a Gator fan of all people sitting there talking crap about my team. Excuse me??? Where is your team?? Oh that is right they couldn't even stay in the top 25 and are sitting at home. So maybe you should hush. I may have actually said that to them OOPS!! We came home at half time.Me mad at the world and not being the least bit quiet about it. I sat through the third quarter with the same attitude. 

Why are they running the ball?? We aren't a strong running team!!

What are they thinking??

Where is the team I have been watching the rest of the season?

You call that a pass?? UGH!!

I seriously thought I was going to have an anxiety or heart attack before this game was over!
Fourth quarter, we start showing promise, we get ahead, get behind, we get ahead again, we make an 100 yard run for a touchdown from a return kick (That was beautiful!!!)

We were behind again. All of this in maybe the last 6 minutes of the game!! Finally with a few seconds left in the game we scored and after playing out the clock the game was over and we were victorious!!! 

I woke up this morning surprisingly on time, with a very sore throat from yelling. My puppy has never seen my act like that before and now walks around looking at me as if I have two heads, but WE WON!!!!!

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