Thursday, January 9, 2014

Thankful Thursday.....

There are so many things that I am thankful for at this point in time that I could go on forever! So this week I am going to use a post I put on facebook this week.

I am so thankful that when it is cold outside I have a car that protects me from the elements and that it has a very good heater that keeps me warm. I am thankful that when the weather turns hot I will be in that car with, God willing, AC, and tinted windows.

Every time I pass a bus stop, someone walking, or a homeless person I am reminded of how blessed I truly am and that without the grace of God that it could be me out there cold or hot. So many times we get used to what we have that we tend to take it for granted and not realize how fortunate we are to have the things we are blessed with! Things like running water, clean water, food, a roof, a floor, transportation, even clothing and shoes.

 I challenge everyone to find at least one thing each day that they take for granted! What is yours today?

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