Wednesday, January 29, 2014

Would you mind wiping off your gross man juice...Pet Peeve Wednesday

I don't know about other gyms but at the one I belong to there are spray bottles and paper towels about every other step. The idea is simple.............


My gym partner and I were waiting on a machine to become available earlier this week. The person using it happened to be a very sweaty large individual. He gets done and we wait thinking that he is just going to get the items he needs to clean the machine. I watch as he makes his way over AND PAST where they are...... did he not see them? is he going to get the next set? Why is he going in the locker room? Did he really just leave a gallon of his gross sweat on this machine that I want to use????? 

I was irritated and wanted to find him, drag him back to the machine, force him to clean it while lecturing him about the etiquette of gym machine use, and make him wear a scarlet letter for all to see his shame. In reality me going into the locker room would probably have led to my getting kicked out so I begrudgingly cleaned the gross man sweat off the machine. 

This whole scene was enough to get my blood boiling. As I sat using that machine I watched and saw at least three other men not clean off their machines!! Really guys?? All the girls there were cleaning off theirs! The fact is that of all the machines around us only one man cleaned his. One out of five!! That is horrible!!

I am not a severe germaphobe but I don't want bacteria ridden sweat of others on me. 
The other day I ran across this: 

Enough said!!!


Keep that in mind as you go through your day!

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